73 Photos - Feb 24, 2013
Photo: Early morning fog - looking east toward Town Marsh Island. Beaufort on the left, the inlet to the right.Photo: Sometimes the afternoon light hitting Cape Lookout makes it appear as if the light is "stuck" on "ON."Photo: Schooner "Wolf" coming into harbor.Photo: A few feral horses returning to Town Marsh and the Rachel Carson Reserve...after spending the night on Bird Shoal. Shackelford Banks in the background. (I use the original spelling early Shackelford settlers used.) Shackelford.Photo: Zoom of the west side of Pivers IslandPhoto: Morning sunrise...Photo: Beaufort NC - Pivers Island in the foregroundPhoto: Late afternoon - feral horses on their way to Bird Shoal for "dinner" and an overnightPhoto: Winter Beaufort NC - few boats at town dock - brick building on the right side is the old post office, now town hall.Photo: A morning fog that was slow to burn off...Photo: Blue sky - fog belowPhoto: Beautiful fog......Photo: Fort Macon on the east end of Bogue BanksPhoto: Nice winter colorPhoto: Sun going down - moon risingPhoto: Winter sunrise - Cape Lookout on the right beyond Shackelford BanksPhoto: The island taking up most of this shot is Town Marsh; it is the island you see from the Beaufort waterfront as you gaze across Taylor's Creek.Photo: Nice fog color...Bird ShoalPhoto: More fog nice fog color...Photo: Fort Macon in the fog...Photo: Sunrise on the fog...Photo: A ship coming out of Beaufort harbor adds to the sunrise fog composition...Photo: Sunrise view of Beaufort NC from Radio IslandPhoto: Sunrise view of Bird Shoal and Shackelford beyond...Photo: Sunset looking southeast - reflected light resulted in wonderful color...Photo: SunrisePhoto: This part of NC's southern Outer Banks is called the "Crystal Coast" for a reason. ☺Photo: SunrisePhoto: Hurricane Sandy's winds blowing southeast toward the ocean.Photo: Summer sunrise.....Photo: Reflected light creating a pink-cloud sunset...Photo: Storm CloudsPhoto: Storm Clouds over BeaufortPhoto: Nuberu Nau (http://www.boatinternational.com/yacht-sales/24028/nuberu-nau-for-sale)Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Cannon fire at Fort MaconPhoto: Photo: Bridge from causeway to Piver's IslandPhoto: Feral horses grazing between Bird Shoal and Town Marsh; there are currently 32 horses on the Rachel Carson Reserve.Photo: More feral horses - they come and go in harems.Photo: On this day, about 20 feral horses came over to Bird Shoal for the night. Here you see the harems returning to Town Marsh. There are currently 32 horses on the Rachel Carson Reserve http://beaufortinlet.blogspot.com/p/rachel-carson-reserve-overview.htmlPhoto: Blue Blue BluePhoto: Sunset's reflected light on cloudsPhoto: Another great sunrise...Photo: Horses silhouetted on Bird ShoalPhoto: Still waters...great color...Photo: Morning rays...Photo: Winter SunrisePhoto: Winter SunrisePhoto: These winter sunrises never get old.Photo: Photo: Sunrise ReflectionsPhoto: Photo: Beaufort NC - late afternoon light causing the "blues."Photo: SilhouettesPhoto: CloudsPhoto: CloudsPhoto: Sunrise, Fort Macon and lights of the Coast Guard StationPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: View of Piver's Island - Beaufort beyondPhoto: Photo: Bird Shoal - Shackelford Banks beyondPhoto: First LightPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Moon Rising over Beaufort