19 Photos - May 17, 2012
Photo: WINNER - Jimmy Craig Womble for "Dinghies."Photo: Celebrating!! Jimmy Craig Womble and Judi Schmutz. Judi won the raffle, out of 300 entries.Photo: 2nd place winner Albert Goellner!!Photo: People's Choice winner Teig Grennan!!Photo: Mural by Amy FriendPhoto: Photo: Mural by Lauren CoxPhoto: "Iced Tea" by Zoe NatemanPhoto: Mural by Pene DiMaio - Cru Wine & CoffeePhoto: Mural by Gaye FulcherPhoto: Mural by Cindy BishopPhoto: Mural by Ryan MillsPhoto: Mural by Brooke LuptonPhoto: Mural by Heather SinkPhoto: Mural by Jenifer CrowellPhoto: Mural by Mary Cotter HurstPhoto: Mural by Julia FrostPhoto: Mural by Lorna BeamPhoto: Pene DiMaio working on her mural