60 Photos - Feb 23, 2014
Photo: One of our first orders of business when we arrived in Idaho was to get Everett up on the "grandkids wall" at Great Grammy and Great Papa's house. All the grandkids in the family have their handprint up on the wall in their dining room - he did a great job! As you can see, he was very determined about the whole thing :)Photo: Lots of hands make light work! (His poor TB jab was so red back then.)Photo: We were so very happy to introduce Everett to afternoons in Great Grammy and Great Papa's backyard. So many beautiful memories made in that yard!Photo: Great Papa!Photo: Katie sure knows what makes for great summer days!Photo: Beautiful ladies!Photo: And here we have Ross's and Andrew's idea of summer fun. :)Photo: And then we were off for several days of camping at the Devil's Elbow. Jes, Andrew, the girls and us decided to head up the weekend before the annual Campout to get some good time in together, and fully embrace the great outdoors!Photo: Marathon training continued!Photo: Early camping mornings - can't get much better than that.Photo: And what's a camping trip without loads of bike rides, and a little ice cream.Photo: We were also very happy to discover that Gary, Joy, Len, and Grace had decided to come up for the week as well!Photo: Ross and Andrew found they needed to return to "civilization" for some phone coverage and found themselves in this fine establishment...Photo: Americana at its best!Photo: We also made a mid-week return to Kellogg to get some more visiting in with the Great Lakes!Photo: Wallace is always a favorite stop. How can it not be, look how picturesque it is!Photo: And of course, the 1313 Club & Saloon is always a favorite.Photo: Hi Auntie!Photo: Katie and Great Papa up to some silliness.Photo: That smile says it all - Everett loves being in Auntie's arms!Photo: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPhoto: Ross's bacon mushroom swiss burger...a man training for a marathon has got to eat! :)Photo: All smiles in the shade of Great Grammy's trees!Photo: Then we were back to camp to prepare for the weekend. Gary and Joy always do such a beautiful job bringing in the firewood - teamwork at its best.Photo: So cozy and warm!Photo: And then, Grammy and Papa arrived!Photo: It was truly turning into a wonderful campout!Photo: Don't you think, Andrew?Photo: Making beautiful memories - 4 generations in this photo!Photo: And then for the crowds! :) Breakfast is always a treat. Dresden and Grandpa wait patiently as Kathleen and Grandma get the eggs and bacon going.Photo: The pancake master at work! Look how fluffy those things are - nice work Gary!Photo: Uncle Bob even showed Ross how to make the famous Mulligan Stew. Yum!Photo: Uncle Jim, so nice to see you!Photo: And! We finally got to see Hannah, Cisco, Jackson, and Jovie stateside! Nice to meet you little Jovie - we just missed you last year in Prague. You were born just three days after we'd left! Such a cutie!Photo: Big brother Jackson shares his campfire dessert!Photo: Bubbles!Photo: And just like that, the campout was over and we were back to Great Grammy and Great Papa's again. Enjoying those moments stretched out on the lawn in the shade.Photo: Which, gave us the perfect chance to celebrate Abby's 4th birthday!Photo: Then we were off to Denver. Looking gorgeous as always Marilyn!Photo: Everett and Marilyn fell right back in stride together, content as can be in Grandma's arms.Photo: A trip to Denver is never complete without a stop by Ross's childhood home. Grape Street will always hold a special place in his heart.Photo: We even took the opportunity to go to a show at Red Rocks with some friends. Gavin and Brett, it was great to see you!Photo: Everett definitely enjoyed his first concert with Bruno Mars - if by enjoyed we mean slept through the entire thing while we danced and grooved to every song! :)Photo: We also had a great chance to catch up with David and Adrianna - who we'd not seen in years! Their little boy, Max (crawling on the bag toss) hadn't even been born the last time we'd seen them! It was a beautiful time. Thanks for having us!Photo: Hi Max!Photo: Three generations, lots of love, beautiful spirits - each and every one.Photo: Dads and sons!Photo: Next up on our adventure list was the Denver Aquarium. None of us had ever been - can you believe it!Photo: They've really done an amazing job putting together the exhibits.Photo: Hi, happy guy!Photo: While not quite as great as seeing them in the wild, we can never get over how beautiful the colors are.Photo: Sea horses!Photo: WOW EV! Look at that HUGE fish!Photo: Yikes! That's pretty scary!Photo: Everett's first baseball game! Go Rockies!!Photo: A beautiful day in the park!Photo: Scott, we were so happy to have you join us!Photo: One of our final stops in Denver was the Zoo - look at that guy getting his back scratch on!Photo: Photo: We think Everett had a pretty good time.