94 Photos - Feb 9, 2014
Photo: While this was our 4th visit to Barcelona in as many years, it was Everett's first. And while we were there, there were even more firsts. For example, this was his first bite of food! Yummy banana - well, not so yummy in his opinion. But, what a perfect place to try your first food! In a place that truly knows good food.Photo: Just outside our front door, out for one of many beautiful walks through El Born.Photo: The Passeig del Born - just outside our front window - so gorgeous, so impressive.Photo: Our favorite cathedral in Barcelona - Santa Maria del Mar.Photo: Back to what I was saying about wonderful food in Barcelona... ;)Photo: So tasty!Photo: Ah yes, here they are! Those two teeth who made their appearance in the middle of our camping trip in Idaho. Here there are finally standing tall - and so cute!Photo: Passeig del Born - from Santa Maria del Mar's front steps. The market at the other end has recently been turned into a cultural center because as they were renovating they found ruins from the Barcelona of the 1700s - before the city was all but destroyed in the siege of 1714.Photo: Never a dull moment in the Passeig del Born!Photo: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPhoto: We had arrived just in time for Dia de Catalunya! The 11th of September is when Catalunya celebrates their victory in the war of Spanish Succession. Although today,  it's more of a celebration of the independent region of Catalunya and when many Catalunyans vie for independence from Spain.Photo: Afternoon walk through Santa Maria del Mar.Photo: A stroll past the main Cathedral, gorgeous.Photo: Always time to stop for a listen along the way...Photo: In the city where we walk, and walk, and walk, and enjoy every minute!Photo: Home, sweet home.Photo: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPhoto: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPhoto: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPhoto: Everett was very excited to see his first Gaudi too!Photo: We also had the chance to try out a new first for us! Brunch and Cake, a delicious spot up in Gracia where the Tarta de Zanahoria was incredible!Photo: Everett loved that he had a spot to sit too!Photo: Speaking of sitting, this boy learned how to sit while in Barcelona!Photo: Another view of Santa Maria del MarPhoto: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPhoto: The entrance of a beautiful magic shop we'd discovered in the Gothic Quarter.Photo: One of the busiest streets in the center, a thoroughfare between the town hall and La Rambla.Photo: First time meeting Rosa!Photo: Everett was very happy to have finally be able to meet our dear Rosa, she has such a beautiful soul and simply exudes love. He was so happy!Photo: The fountain in Parc de Ciutadella had been redone since we'd been away. It looks simply beautiful!Photo: Our dear friend Stef also came down from Zuirch to meet Everett for the very first time. We love you Stef!Photo: And Everett does too!Photo: September 11 is Catalonia Day, and the main parade went right down our street. The flags with the stars at the top (most, if not all, that you see in this photo) represent the movement for Catalonian Independence - as each year passes, the movement gets stronger and stronger.Photo: A building directly across from ours, that I've been in love with since the first time I saw it. It was an old municipal building, turned apartments. The detailing is so cool. It's fun to imagine what it was like when it was operational back in the 1700s.Photo: Viva Catalunya!Photo: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPhoto: Our favorite neighborhood coffee shop - No. 9. And, our friend Eduardo, arguably the best cappuccino maker in the world. Also, hist croissants are incredible.Photo: We were also lucky enough to get to see our friend Antonio, who was up in Barcelona from Gibraltar for a work conference. We learned during this visit that he and his partner were expecting a baby, who has since been born and is absolutely gorgeous. We can't wait to meet him on our next visit.Photo: Antonio - so good to see you friend!Photo: A little square, or circle, that we'd never seen before - not too far from our house. The apartments are all in a round circle - it's great!Photo: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPhoto: Wouldn't it be so cool to live in one of these?!Photo: We also stumbled on a great restaurant - Los Caracoles. Which, we thought our friends Rich and Karen would love. How could they not? Look at those rolls!Photo: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPhoto: How can you not love a restaurant like this?Photo: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPhoto: And, you get to walk through the kitchen on your way to the table!Photo: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPhoto: Seeing Pablo again after six months! Pablo was Everett's very first visitor after he was born. They got to meet the very next morning!Photo: A visit to Barcelona wouldn't be complete without a dinner at the Txoko. This dinner was amazing, courtesy of Willi's hand picked wild mushrooms! So tasty!!Video: The choir even sang Everett a very special tribute, such a wonderful welcome!Photo: Our wonderful friends Fede and Aitor, who we learned at this dinner were also expecting a son! Little Ander has also since been born and is such a little doll! We can't wait to meet him in person - hopefully soon!Photo: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPhoto: Another favorite spot - such yummy food!Photo: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPhoto: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPhoto: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPhoto: Can't go wrong with grilled razor clams!Photo: Lamb ribs and wild mushrooms!Photo: It was certainly a summer of wonderful friends. Ross and Tony, who had met several years ago while we were still living in Sevilla, and Ross had taken a boys trip to Granada - where he met Tony. They've stayed in touch and I finally got the chance to meet him this summer! So good to see you Tony!Photo: Los Gigantes (The Giants) - A beautiful parade through el centro where the giants dance through the streets!Photo: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPhoto: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPhoto: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPhoto: Another great meal at Cuines! Always a tasty stop with fresh market fare!Photo: Beach day!!Photo: With the lovely and amazing Walker Family! Cisco and Jackson getting ready to enjoy the waves!Photo: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPhoto: Thank you Cisco, Hannah, Jackson, and Jovie for making the trip and coming to visit!!Photo: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPhoto: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPhoto: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPhoto: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPhoto: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPhoto: Hannah even whipped up her amazing clams recipe - so, so tasty!Photo: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPhoto: We also made up a salt baked Merluza! (Hake)  - which turned out amazingly moist and tasty. Definitely need to do that again soon.Photo: And finally, we braved the fear of the crowds and bought ourselves some tickets to visit the inside of the Sagrada Familia. We never should have waited so long.Photo: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPhoto: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPhoto: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPhoto: The ceilingPhoto: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPhoto: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPhoto: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPhoto: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPhoto: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPhoto: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPhoto: The entire place is breathtaking. We highly recommend a visit - to any and everyone. But, ask us about a trick to avoid the lines.Photo: Another visit with Rosa and Pablo just before we headed off again. Everett was so very content in Rosa's arms!Photo: And loved getting tickles from Pablo!Photo: See you soon Aurora!!Photo: Thanks for taking such good care of me in the afternoons Laura! I'll miss you!Video: Music with Daddy!