30 Photos - Nov 16, 2011
Photo: Photo: Chuck Henry, anchor/reporterPhoto: Colleen Williams, anchor/reporterPhoto: Fritz Coleman, weathercasterPhoto: Fred Roggin, sports anchor/host of The FilterPhoto: Kathy Vara, anchorPhoto: Elita Loresca, weathercasterPhoto: Alycia Lane, anchor/reporterPhoto: Sean Murphy, traffic reporterPhoto: Lucy Noland, anchor/reporterPhoto: Robert Kovacik, anchor/reporterPhoto: Mario Solis, sports anchor/sports reporterPhoto: Byron Miranda, weathercasterPhoto: Carl Bell, weathercasterPhoto: Joel Grover, reporterPhoto: Mekahlo Medina, reporterPhoto: Beverly White, reporterPhoto: John Cadiz Klemack, reporterPhoto: Vikki Vargas, OC bureau chief/reporterPhoto: Bruce Hensel, M.D., Chief health, medical and science editor and correspondentPhoto: Gordon Tokumatsu, reporterPhoto: Conan Nolan, reporter/host of News ConferencePhoto: Cary Berglund, reporterPhoto: Ted Chen, anchor/reporterPhoto: Patrick Healy, reporterPhoto: Kim Baldonado, reporterPhoto: Antonio Castelan, reporterPhoto: Stephanie Elam, anchor/reporterPhoto: New photo of Ana posted.Photo: One more new pic today: Michael Brownlee, anchor