28 Photos - Apr 19, 2015
Photo: Mission is to document the TTF Meeting at Wexford AirparkPhoto: Unfortunately with this forecast it will be a drive-in.Photo: Columbia forecast about the same with 500 to 900' ceiling.Photo: PBA from I-20Photo: Leonard conducted the meeting.Photo: Introducing Kirk and Kristine... Sorry for the out of focus picture.  They later paid for membership to be Tree Top Flyers.Photo: Other guest Denise & Joe B (joining our group today) and Gerald B.Photo: Francis D., second from left, paid his TTF dues today also.Photo: Menu was pulled pork & beans, along with a bunch of other goodies.Photo: Kathy gets the credit for making it all come together.Photo: Never know when to use the flash indoors.  Slow click makes fuzzy pictures.Photo: Kevin don't just have the shirt... He was in London last year!Photo: Photo: Don S's shirtPhoto: Photo: Delicious.  With meals like these the chapter will continue to grow!!!!  I saved lots of room for deserts!!!Photo: Photo: The runway was looking great! This south.   Wind sock on the rightPhoto: NorthPhoto: EastPhoto: The official meeting started just after 2:00.Photo: Photo: Photo: No opportunity for airplanes flying in makes for a short album of pictures.Photo: The man who blesses our food..... and ask, and acknowledges that we are grateful for other things too,  Thank you Roger.Photo: Last to leave.Photo: Back at PBAPhoto: Back home.  Mission complete.  Tornado warnings till 5:00.  The End