43 Photos - Nov 16, 2014
Photo: We had about 20 TTF's attend the meeting.Photo: Mission is to document the TTF meeting @ PelionPhoto: The double wide "mobile home" is leaving the west end of PBA.Photo: La Casa Ed and SandyPhoto: My neighbor across the street from the church makes me feel like we should get "The Yard of the Month" award!Photo: Folk still leaving churchPhoto: Announcing Pelion 3 miles.Photo: Downwind for 36 at 12:51Photo: Kevin was taking picturesPhoto: Tango Tango beat me inPhoto: I heard Tweedy announce leaving Gilbert R/W 9 when I was going out PBA 29Photo: Photo: Norman's with 43,000 milesPhoto: Just a few years ago I saw Caleinte on a cup of coffee... There you go!  This is one hot Comet, with power brakes, power steering, and air conditioning!Photo: I thought this David with the key... but it's John & JackPhoto: When I announced 6J0, Jim said he was 3 miles west, then he was doing T & G'sPhoto: Photo: Photo: Randy and Libby brought the dogs and chips.Photo: 84 Charlie airlifted in the PB tea.Photo: Photo: We had a couple folk come in with sandwiches and devil eggs.  As some of the TTF's were bragging on how good they were, Randy determined they had come to the wrong party.  They bagged up what was left.... and left.Photo: I regret not getting a posed photo for the last meeting commanded by President Randy  and Sec Tres Libby.  This is all I can offer upPhoto: Photo: Randy said ,"Did somebody leave their coat?  Oh, It's mine!"Photo: Does anybody recognize this cooler?  Left at PBA back in the Spring.Photo: Better late than never!!!!Photo: Larry flew over then sneaked in a landing.Photo: Photo: Jim is the new EAA 242 PresidentPhoto: Going to get some Jet APhoto: Photo: Winding down at 3:30.  Jet A powering the Reddy Heater 55.Photo: Photo: Photo: Al blasting off on Taxiway BPhoto: Photo: I got fuel and departed at 1600Photo: Not great weather but a nice flight home.Photo: I thought I was going to land on 29 but after three tries, gave up.  Note maintenance on both sides of the fence.Photo: Out building, porches, heat pump and dish antenae.... all gone.Photo: Easy peasy landing on R/W 11Photo: Mission accomplished... The End