122 Photos - Sep 22, 2014
Photo: Since Google + took over Picasa, I see no way to select an album cover... other than move the picture you want as the first picture.  This Bud C, Citadel Class of 1970, who bought this airplane 6 weeks after his graduation.Photo: Early Sunday Morning... Tree Top Flyers meeting today.Photo: Ten pounds of Boston Butt for chopped Barbecue in the Slow Cooker started Saturday nightPhoto: Eight Racks of RibsPhoto: First to arrive to witness the 98 Alpha landingPhoto: Miss the trees and you will miss the I-20 trafficPhoto: Looked high to me but dropped right in!Photo: Wind was right down the runway from the west.Photo: 1950 Cessna 170Photo: The Fenders from WP.Photo: Eat your heart out nose pushers.... The PERFECT THREE POINT LANDING!!!!Photo: Photo: Back taxiingPhoto: Photo: Late getting the charcoal started after getting the landing picture.  Always trying to do betterPhoto: Don't recognize this November tail numberPhoto: Photo: Photo: Piper CubPhoto: Flaps - Don't need no stinking flaps!Photo: Stick way backPhoto: Another PERFECT THREE POINT LANDING!!!!!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: I gave Bob C the camera so I could attend to the Webers.  He came up apoligizing that he was pushing the wrong button when Les landed.Photo: This is Les' third time to PB from Unity Airfield upstate.Photo: Photo: These photos composed by Bob C.  Thanks for getting them!!!!Photo: Loading Weber # 3 !Photo: Thanks to Woody and Peg for them loaning us their Weber with the tablePhoto: Photo: Some pictures not always flattering.  I can delete it but Then would miss Les' thumbs up and 3 bottles of J.P.'s sauce on the table.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Doing a wheeliePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: 09Sierra didn't feel comfotable with the bumps and wind on the appraoch to 29Photo: The Peanut GalleryPhoto: Billy J flew over in his Colt.  Talked to him on 122.9 as he circled and said he thought it was too hot for him to get out on 1500'.  Billy promotes the lunch flying trips usually on Fridays.Photo: Ribs smothered in J.P.s sauce brought in from Charlotte by Bob & NancyPhoto: Bob and Nancy from Rock HillPhoto: RichardPhoto: Photo: Neil, Millie & LeonardPhoto: LesPhoto: Mark, Randy, Ron, Dianne & DonPhoto: Al, Pelham, Kevin & LeonPhoto: Bo, Susan, Bud, AlPhoto: Woody, Peg, & LinleePhoto: Linlee, Amanda, & JohnPhoto: LindaPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: The yellow jessimine post is the 900' markerPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: The nominating chairmanPhoto: President - Libby on an "away" USC game.Photo: Photo: JimPhoto: Photo: Back at the 900' marker.Photo: Photo: Windsock?Photo: Photo: Here at 900' of runway!Photo: Photo: Les was light on fuel and off to Pelion to resupply.Photo: Bud & AlPhoto: Bud told us after 44 years he was still trying to decide if it was a keeper.  Maybe he needs another gauge in that blank spot!Photo: ContactPhoto: One turn!!Photo: The 42nd different airplane to bag the PBA landing.Photo: He signed the guest book and got the PBA stamp on the inside cover of his SC Aeronautical Passport.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: This up in about 400'.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: This about 3:30Photo: Thanks Bud for the visit!  I think it was Leon who indirectly extended the invitation.Photo: Meanwhile, about 4:00 the BS gets deep around the 60+ year old Fasco floor fan.Photo: Some 2 hours later Al decides it's time to get in some flying.Photo: Al probably gets the award for the most frequent visitor.Photo: Photo: The Northeast corner adds a few more feet to the runway.Photo: The dogwood trees are 100' apart.  This at about 150 feet of roll.Photo: About 200'Photo: Photo: 300 feetPhoto: Al up quick  The Google Earth Ruler shows this at 350'.Photo: This the 400' dogwood tree marker.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Even Al comes in too high and has to "Go Around"!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Larry - How "Giddy" got his name.Photo: End of the show.Photo: Encore picture - Final for 29. Randy chose this picture for the TTF Thumbnail from my pictures took flying the day before the meeting. I have a YouTube landing... actually embarrassingly bouncing in, with fellow flyers trying to make Triple Tree, The audio is the 3 Tree Tower: