58 Photos - Jul 20, 2014
Photo: Picture # 30 moved here to show as album coverPhoto: Mission is to document the Tree Top Flyer's Meeting at Pelion.Photo: Forecast was for rain and T-storms so I had decided to drive.  At show time it looked OK to fly.Photo: I saw David fly over going west and turned for a right downwind.Photo: He said he planned to turn left for 36 but when he saw the sock decided to land on 18.Photo: Roger gave thanksPhoto: Photo: Photo: Randy & Libby brought fried chicken, potato salad, and string beans.  There was other stuff too.  Don S brought apple pie.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Pilots look up when they hear an airplane.Photo: Could be 65 Lima...Photo: Photo: Gnats!!!!!!  What Gnats????Photo: Looking forward to seeing Pelham's Onex.Photo: Photo: Photo: I had forgot the SD card was filling up.Photo: I figured not flying I wouldn't take that many pictures.Photo: I was at the right place to get the sequence of his take off... except next click said "CARD IS FULL".  My bad!Photo: Happy Visitors from 242Photo: I told them I had their picture pulling up at Triple Tree in my album.  I hope I can still get around when at their age!!!!Photo: Hangar BS deep in there!!!!!Photo: OK... I deleted a bunch of old pictures from the SD card.Photo: Photo: I enjoy seeing different pilot's style.  David reaches flying speed and pulls it up.Photo: Jack more or less just lets it fly when its readyPhoto: I picked at everybody for not commenting on my pictures.  Since folk don't have time to say it... I will tooteth my own horn.  This is a good picture!Photo: Yea... videos are nice.... but I came back.  Ed is a picture taker!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: The BS around the airplanes is a great part of the Tree Top Flyer's meeting experience.Photo: Photo: First time I've seen it up close.Photo: A face ready for the the "Planes" sequel"!!!!Photo: Cracker Jacks Box AirplanePhoto: Peaking in at the panelPhoto: Photo: Photo: Electric trim here and on the alerons.Photo: Garage sale... $80.Photo: Pelham said it was his understanding the hold up on new hanger progress had to do with pipes meeting "code".Photo: This pile of crush/run been here for a while!Photo: End space in the new T-HangersPhoto: Photo: The end walls look like sheetrock... And they look big... definitely more than 40'Photo: I thought that may be heat but I guess just lightsPhoto: Door operated by cablePhoto: Looks like cable actuates latches tooPhoto: So there is your tour of the progressPhoto: Don ain't happy with the position of his seats.Photo: Time to go home...Photo: Hind sight.... Should have flown over to Gilbert in the cool morning air.   Then flew in to Pelion.  Waited out if a storm would have developed that didn't.  But here is how it looked, driving home.Photo: The End