59 Photos - Apr 27, 2014
Photo: Mission is to attend the TTF MeetingPhoto: Richard has been doing "taxi test" in the airplane he designed and put together.Photo: The battery was dead so had to crank it with the charger.Photo: Richard waving after my 12:20 take offPhoto: The bull's eye is still looking good!  The grass however is pitiful.  Put 500 pounds of 20-0-20 on it ThursdayPhoto: Almost up to 1500' ASLPhoto: Then an approach to 29Photo: Then by the church to 11Photo: The approach to 11Photo: Guess what????Photo: More hangers @ Pelion!!!!Photo: Nobody flying in????  This ten till onePhoto: Five cars.Photo: Greased in 2 landings.... even if it was down at the taxi way.Photo: Got 9 gallons of 100 LL.Photo: 94 Tango tied out.Photo: Roger asked the blessings.Photo: Randy showed us how to fix a plate of Libby's sphegetti.Photo: Grand presentationsPhoto: Check the guy in the buckets on the right!Photo: Roger's $6 arrangement from the grocery storePhoto: Working 24/7Photo: During the break I checked out the new hangar area.Photo: And Don's PietenpolPhoto: Corvair engine.. Don said it cruises about 72-75.Photo: Designed in 1929Photo: Photo: Photo: David's...Photo: Back for business.Photo: Photo: Photo: Ron told us about the Young Eagles ETV program planned for June 14 at KCUBPhoto: Leon gave a very entertaining report on the Boshears Fly-in.Photo: Wind right down the R/W means a cross wind at homePhoto: Don said pictures cost $5.00Photo: Photo: Three airplanes flew in!Photo: Battery turned the engine one time.  I asked Don if he could flip me off.Photo: It always cranks easy... except this time I flooded it with too much prime.  My bad... Don tried a bunch of times.Photo: I asked Kevin to bail me out... With his jumper cables it spun right upPhoto: My fly over to document the last men standing!Photo: Tony's RV's has it going on!!!!Photo: Cedar Green, Scott & D'Etta'sPhoto: Ada's and the horsesPhoto: John and the kidsPhoto: Bro Reg and Brenda's with the new red roof inn for the tractor implements.Photo: Is that Scott????  Sure would like to flour bomb the square... from a 1,000' it would be a challenge!Photo: Gilbert 27Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Neil & Millie'sPhoto: The Apache what has bagged the PBA landingPhoto: The wind sock says calm... It lies!Photo: Too high...Photo: Peddle to the floorPhoto: Bounced long and ran it all the way to the dirt road.Photo: Another great day in PB... The End