41 Photos - Nov 17, 2013
Photo: Mission is to deliver 8 or 9 pounds of chopped pork shoulder and two pitchers of PBBS tea; Also document the TTF meeting at Pelion.  This with a fine mist falling.Photo: Sandy got the left overs from the PBA Fly-in out of the freezer and heated them up.Photo: Forecast was for clouds and isolated thunderstorms.Photo: The "Little Joe" lunch was advertised to be at 1:00.Photo: Harry and David flew in the Cherokee.  Started VFR but had some IFR on the way.Photo: Pitchers say,"PB 'BS' Tea (Barely Sweet)"Photo: My Little Joe had J.P.'s sauce.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: The TTFCCP (cracked commissioned photographer)Photo: Randy showed us an EAA presentation that started with Remembering PHP.Photo: Second part was about Jetman.Photo: Last was about the new Young Eagle Chairman.Photo: Photo: Business was selection of Officers for 2014.Photo: I think 18... Leon came later.Photo: Photo: Don B had flown over having John as the IFR backup man.Photo: 65 Lima gets up quick and climb out missed decent photo op.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: This airplane flew over and circled the airport.  With the help of zoom, crop, and adding light it looks like N332JC.  It's registered in Delaware... Wonder why!  Uh Duh Huh.Photo: Ron's SnoopyPhoto: Ron's Fly Baby.  His Smurf Sonex is in the hanger with Don S' T-Craft.Photo: Jim'sPhoto: Photo: I asked David & Harry to take off and fly the field for a photo op.Photo: Photo: Photo: They did good for an album cover picture!Photo: At least we got to see two airplanes take off.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Steve P's pick upPhoto: As we were leaving I told Randy I liked his cap.Photo: Randy insisted I take it, "Natural Born Griller".Photo: We had fun till the cows came homePhoto: Giddy on the console... The End