66 Photos - Jul 21, 2013
Photo: Mission is to document the TTF meeting in Pelion.  Intellicast said mostly cloudy with SW wind @ 7 and scattered thunderstorms starting at 4:00.  Radar showed some little patches of green forming in the area.  Aiken AWOS said ceiling 1,400 scattered, 1,900 scattered, ceiling at 2,600 overcast and density altitude 1,900.Photo: Climbing out, after the circle around to over I-20Photo: Got the "Hoe" out for Sandy to go to the "sto".Photo: Off toward Pelion is rain.Photo: Plenty of clear skies around so no problem.Photo: Unless that is Pelion, right in the middle of that rain.Photo: Photo: The clear area has rain... Cool for a free wash job.Photo: So I'm lost and have to cut on the GPS.Photo: GPS says, "Dummy fly that a way... not towards the rain."Photo: Sure enough, in just 4 miles is the place!Photo: Only one airplane on the ramp.Photo: Don't think I care to fly a left pattern though.  Right downwind to base for 36.Photo: Landing was hot past the numbers and took taxi way C.Photo: Tied the left wing down and it started raining.Photo: Wind sock was straight across when landing.Photo: Tied the right wing.Photo: Made a run for the terminal.Photo: Then a run to the meeting place.Photo: Libby was looking at Kevin's album from Paris and Amsterdam.Photo: Photo: Libby prepared the 'spread'.Photo: Photo: Photo: Two dogs and ice tea for me!Photo: Biz started at exactly 2:00Photo: Photo: New to meet with us, Carla.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: During our 3:00 break this airplane did a touch and go.Photo: Don gave a presentation on ADS-BPhoto: Photo: iPad miniPhoto: Photo: Photo: 4:17... meeting overPhoto: Aiken AWOS: 2033Z, 220 @ 5, 3,400 scattered, density altitude 2,500.Photo: David flew in too.Photo: Going down to 18Photo: Up... Up and awayPhoto: Climbing out, that looks like Jim.Photo: Flying over, Leon gives the wave.Photo: Don and Ron are home.Photo: More rain on the way home.Photo: To go around the rain, rode by my Brothers at Cedar GreenPhoto: Airplane shadow in his drive way.  Their Miata up by the pool.Photo: Announced straight in to Gilbert.Photo: Photo: Photo: Somebody on the runway.Photo: Powered up herePhoto: Doing 100 mph before pulling upPhoto: Photo: Hard to focus going by...Photo: Paula's garage door is open.  Looks like her grass got cut.Photo: Photo: Aiken AWOS suggested 29, but with the windsock limp I'm going for 11Photo: Photo: Approach was a little high for 84 Charlie's landing on PBA # 190.Photo: Pedal to the floor slip.Photo: Still a little hot.Photo: Ain't going to happen,  going around.Photo: Right downwind.Photo: Off at 5:04.  Mission complete.  The end.