55 Photos - Apr 22, 2013
Photo: Al flew in Saturday afternoon about 6:30Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: He must get up in about 100 feet!Photo: Photo: This at about 400 feet.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Low passPhoto: Photo: Photo: On Sunday wind was forecasted at 16 mph so we had no one fly in.Photo: On Sunday just after noon Bob C is the first to arrive at the EAA 1467 April Meeting.Photo: Bob emailed me this one prior to the meeting.  When he was a line boy in Charlotte J.P.'s would deliver to the FBO.  The restaurant is closed but you can still get the sauce.  He brought this bottle that went on the ribs about 5 or 10 minutes before they came off the grill.Photo: Bob drove down from Charlotte.  He gets the award for driving the farthest to the meeting.  Photo by Bob C. "Start Up"Photo: Photo by Bob C. "Double Webers"Photo: Photo by Bob C. "Chips Applied"Photo: Sandy had 5 racks of baby back ribs in the oven (covered in foil on 275) for several hours.  We put them on indirect charcoal with hickory smoke for about 25 minutes.Photo: Neil said they were the best he ever had.  I brushed on J.P.'s twice.Photo: At 1:15 we were ready to eat.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: John P asked the blessingPhoto: Sandy had an eight pound Boston butt in the crock pot over night.  She also had corn, Kentucky wonder string beans, pasta salad, cole slaw and potato salad.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo by Bob C. "The Meeting"Photo: Photo by Bob C. "Wide Angle"Photo: Somebody said a plane was on final.  I cut the radio on 122.9 and heard 33 Victor announcing a landing on 9 at Gilbert.  I asked if he was coming and he said he would be right over.Photo: Sandy prepared the meal.Photo: Larry likes it!Photo: Charlton thought it was a laid back event.Photo: Photo: I suggested the walk down the airfield and check out double first cousin JW & Shelby's beaver pond.Photo: We have about 350 feet cleared down the hill and it's about another 300 to the beaver pond.Photo: Photo by Bob C.  "Lilly Pad" in JW's beaver pond.  This was my grandad's pond when I was a kid.  He inherited it from his great granddad.  He got the land here on Little Black Creek from his Dad that moved here in 1803.  Lewis & Clark was just starting their expedition.Photo: Kevin said he saw a trout.  They finally pointed out where I saw the foot long fish too!Photo: Photo by Bob C.  "There She Blows"Photo: Photo: The neighbors on the other side of the fence.  The orientation of the runway is 10 yards away parallel to this property line between JW and Raymond H.Photo: Photo by Bob C. "Judges"Photo: This was probably 65 Lima headed toward Gaston.Photo: Photo: Photo by Bob C.  My Mom gave us 4 of these that she wove in the cord.  This first one she got off the neighbors trash pile.  It was already bent but gave up while Bob was enthusiastically telling us a tale.Photo: The "Not So Exotic Guy", Mr. Cottom was the last to leave.Photo: 5:05 the party was over.Photo: