43 Photos - Aug 24, 2014
Photo: Photo: Back window looking towards my desk.Photo: Back window looking towards front window.Photo: Back window looking towards front.Photo: Photo: Back window looking towards the stupid side door - completely unnecessary and taped up to prevent noise spilling through.Photo: AP Test Promo PostersPhoto: Great image, David's "Oath or Horatii" - great for both Fall (Rome) and Spring (French Rev.)Photo: A look at my King Tut poster. Left to me by the late great Mr. Braunstein from Humble High. RIP Sir.Photo: The RHTS is from the Ron Hubble Talent Show - first ever in 2007, our first year. Sadly Ron Hubble a wonderful US History teacher passed away that spring.Photo: My little area of thanks for the MS Fundraiser we did a few years ago at AHS. Raised over $10,000 for MS Research.Photo: Back corner with the bookshelf and top of filing cabinet. DFTBA.Photo: Photo: Photo: New chair this year, the old one was falling apart. :)Photo: Juniata College Pennant & Diploma on left. On Right my two AHS and District Teacher of the Year awards from our first year at AHS.Photo: Apple on top shelf is the award I won for the Rockets Teacher of the Game. That was neat, nominated by my peers.Photo: "The Beatings" - sadly in WHAP, they are sometimes happening. Well, until Morale does improve. Also a nice look at the Crash Course Posters & my main man Phineas Gage from Psych.Photo: Phineas P. Gage. That steel tamping rod passed through the man's skull... and he lived to tell about it.Photo: Photo: Side board for agenda, objectives/targets, and essential questions.Photo: Pennants to remind students why we do the work. (Stanford was brought to me by a student from last year who is attending his freshmen year as a Cardinal)Photo: Quote of the Day, date, bells, and "Do Nows" in the front on the board. Above the board are some of our past AP T-Shirts.Photo: My podium, which I try to put pictures on of students from the past.Photo: Peter Weller. 2 years ago he was a big hit!Photo: Photo: Closer look at Crash Course WH.Photo: Still closer look at CC WH.Photo: Photo: Side board and a look towards the back.Photo: Panning towards the middle.Photo: Panning to the back corner.Photo: Panning to the left side.Photo: My cabinet is pretty full of crap. And unfortunately, I sometimes need the scooter because our school is HUGE.Photo: Photo: The view from the back window.Photo: View from the side window.Photo: It is a beautiful school.Photo: A closer look out the back window.Photo: A closer look out the side window.Photo: Photo: Outside in Red 2 Flex Area... outside of my door.Photo: