10 Photos - Mar 20, 2012
Photo: Long shadows cast into Amundsen crater, near the south pole.Photo: Rippling landforms surrounding Fényi crater on the lunar far side.Photo: Hadley Rille, on the edge of Mare Imbrium, site of the landing of Apollo 15.Photo: Swirling coloration in Mare Ingenii, one of few mare on the lunar far side.Photo: Detail in Poincaré crater.Photo: Vallis Schröteri leading to Aristarchus crater, very isolated features in Oceanus Procellarum.Photo: The Teneriffe Mountains in Mare Imbrium, near Plato crater.Photo: Tsolkovskiy crater, on the lunar far side, with an outstanding central peak.Photo: Tycho crater.Photo: An unnamed pair of deep craters and high mountain peaks on the lunar far side.