355 Photos - Jun 25, 2010
Photo: Northern Rangelands Trust - Mathews Range AssessmentPhoto: Part of the team getting ready to leave from Lewa on the first morning (Quentin Luke on his Landrover, Tom Budysnki and Yvonne de Yong next to the Toyota, and Dino Martins next to his car)Photo: Judith Mbau and Patrick Malonza with some school kids (with the first specimen of the trip - an Archer's Post Gecko!)Photo: Showing off  the geckoPhoto: Archer's Post Gecko - Hemidactylus funaiolii. The first specimen for the Kenyan Museum.Photo: Pseuderemias smithii - Smith's Sand LizardPhoto: Pseuderemias smithii - Smith's Sand LizardPhoto: a table mountain nearbyPhoto: Looking for geckos in an acacia tree (Acacia tortilis)Photo: Found one! A Tropical House Gecko (Hemidactylus mabouia).Photo: White-browed Sparrow-weaverPhoto: We also stopped at a rock outcrop to look for other herps.Photo: Photo: Then the rest caught up with us - and we made our way off-road and into the Mathews RangePhoto: Finding our way... 4x4 needed here!Photo: Some got lost and we waited a while... Tom Lesarge (in red), the Namunyak Coordinator, looking for them...Photo: Eventually making our way to our first campsite. Juliet King had gone ahead to set it up for us.Photo: Quentin's campsitePhoto: the scouts tents.Photo: The BBC crew's campsitePhoto: Campsite 1 (Lorien Lemurit ) location in the MathewsPhoto: Introductions that afternoon... (Quentin, Matt, Yvonne, Paula (BBC), Tom, Patrick, Arthur, Judith, Justice and Sam)Photo: Tom Budynski - taking the introductions seriously. Patrick Malonza and Arthur looking on. (Photo - Matt Brown).Photo: Paul from the BBC interviewing people on the assessment. Juliet King in front.Photo: Quentin and Tim comparing GPS's... (Photo - Matt Brown)Photo: Typical scene in the mess tent - breakfast!Photo: A quick walk to the edge of the mountains, produced a great view out the the east.Photo: Same view... getting dark, time to head back to camp.Photo: Hartluab's Francolin on the path near the first camp.Photo: Buffallo Spider (named for the two large "horns").Photo: Green-patch swallowtail (Papilio phorcas)Photo: DamselflyPhoto: Nephila orb weaver spiderPhoto: Assassin bug nymphPhoto: Mother of Pearl (Salamis anacardii)Photo: Eared Commodore (Precis tugela)Photo: Female white-banded swallowtail (Papilio echeriodes)Photo: Nephila orb weaver spider - the very large female and tiny male.Photo: Nephila orb weaver spiderPhoto: Nephila orb weaver spider - the two smaller spiders are a male and a mimic (freeloader!)Photo: Bush brown (Bicyclus)Photo: buffalo spider (Gasteracantha)Photo: Antheap white (Dixea)Photo: Nephila orb weaver spiderPhoto: Hyperolius viridiflavus - Common Reed FrogPhoto: Hyperolius viridiflavus - Common Reed FrogPhoto: Nephila orb weaver spiderPhoto: Nephila orb weaver spiderPhoto: Flying handkerchief female - Papilio dardanusPhoto: Bush brown - BicyclusPhoto: Aneilema aequinoctialePhoto: Matt trying to be cool with a Green-veined Emperor (Charaxes candiope) walking on his face.Photo: Oh - ticklish! Matt loosing his cool fast!Photo: Cycad - Encephalartos tegulaneus - only found in the Mathews and Mount SabachePhoto: Nephila orb weaver eating chafer beetlePhoto: Pseuderanthemum hildebrandtiiPhoto: Eared Commodore (Precis tugela)Photo: Walker's Owl mothPhoto: Matt prepareing one of the camera traps - left overnight.Photo: On a recce -looking back at the central portion of the mountains.Photo: Local Samburu woman met on the way.Photo: Taking time to look for things... her goats maybe? or a path up the mountains?Photo: Samburu childen near their huts.Photo: Saumburu childrenPhoto: Matt taking a look at Dino's specimens.Photo: Early on - the specimen tray rapidly filled up.Photo: Scouts, guides and researchers sitting around the fire.Photo: Kai (our scout for the assessment) and Lenairinake Lebite, a Naumyak elder.Photo: Lenairinake Lebite, the Namunyak elder.Photo: Lenairinake Lebite talking to Matt and Dominic about the forest.Photo: Lenairinake Lebite, making a point about the drought...Photo: Commelina spPhoto: Vigna spPhoto: Natal Pansy - Junonia natalicaPhoto: CycadPhoto: Tiger orb weaver? Argiope?Photo: View from the mountain south of the campsite - looking west.Photo: Different view from the same mountain - east this time - overlooking the Serara plains.Photo: Podocarpus leaves (Afrocarpus gracilior) - the trees appeared around 1700m elevation.Photo: The TNC team up the mountain (Tim Boucher, Sanjayan, Matt Brown, Mark Tercek and David Banks) - with our elder and scout.Photo: The view we were admiring.Photo: Very old Cycad - of encephalartos genus.Photo: that night a group of Samburu Moran (young men) danced for us.Photo: The Samburu dancing menPhoto: Leaping high into the air.Photo: Photo: The young women came to watch to - and eventually joined in.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Sanjayan interviewing YvonnePhoto: Yvonne de YongPhoto: Judith Mbau - our small mammal researcherPhoto: Rattling CisticolaPhoto: Kitich Lodge - on the way to the second campsite.Photo: Photo: Litte Bee-eater at the lodgePhoto: Little Bee-eater at the lodgePhoto: Campsite 2 (Mugur Kichich) locationPhoto: On our way to campsite 2 - some clearing needed...Photo: At the campsite - some more clearing needed - this time for the tents! We also left a camera there for our return in a few days...Photo: Upon our return, we found this - a lion decided to see if our camera was something it could eat...Photo: David admiring the destructionPhoto: Front...Photo: Back...Photo: This was the fella that did the damage! Caught on our other camera!Photo: The swimming pool at our second campsite. Enjoyed by all!Photo: Discussions at the river - campsite 2.Photo: Mark and Margo TercekPhoto: Our tents that night.Photo: Margo TercekPhoto: The mess tent at the second camp.Photo: Sanjayan setting up a camera trap at the river.Photo: another picture of the beautiful swimming pool (yes, the water was cold, but very refreshing!)Photo: Photo: David BanksPhoto: River scene at the second campsitePhoto: Photo: Talking to the elder...Photo: David BanksPhoto: Tom LesargePhoto: Walking back to Kitich lodge - Sanjayan, Margo, Mark, Tim and David - their last day.Photo: Photo: Photo: Ian Craig filling up his Piper Cub at the runway.Photo: Once they left, Juliet and I went back to campsite 1 (for 2 nights).Photo: A young Moran man - posing for the cameraPhoto: Photo: Photo: Another of the same Cycad - Encephalartos Tegulaneus - on a different walk.Photo: Male flying handkerchief - Papilio dardanusPhoto: Epaulet Skimmer - OrthetrumPhoto: Narrow-green banded Swallowtail - Papilio nireusPhoto: Armoured ground cricket - BradypodidaePhoto: Soldier Commodore (Precis terea)Photo: Kleinia abyssinicaPhoto: Dominic setting up a camera trapPhoto: Juliet baiting a rock nearby - with Bob-cat lure...Photo: Checking to make sure everything is in orderPhoto: Caught on the cameras we left - a Civet walking past...Photo: The same civitPhoto: A White-tailed MongoosePhoto: later afternoon clouds...Photo: Night time scene - the mess tent - working late.Photo: Photo: the campfire on a particularly clear night,Photo: Photo: Photo: Wrote my name with a flashlight...Photo: Campsite 1 and Transect A - our hike the following day.Photo: Hiking up the mountain the next day (Transect A) - measuring trees (this one a Faurea saligna), taking GPS points, and notes on the forest.Photo: giving the big brute a hug...Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Perhaps a Manilkara discolorPhoto: A ficus... (Ficus thonningii)Photo: Tussock moth caterpillarPhoto: Tussock moth caterpillarPhoto: Photo: Photo: taking a break at the top.Photo: Photo: Matt admiring a podocarpus (Afrocarpus gracilior)Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Acraea caterpillar with some other sp.Photo: Cycad - Encephalartos TegulaneusPhoto: Cycad - Encephalartos TegulaneusPhoto: Dominic and a scout with the cycad - Encephalartos TegulaneusPhoto: Rearranging the forest...Photo: Dominic and Cycad - Encephalartos TegulaneusPhoto: Matt Brown - and Cycad - Encephalartos TegulaneusPhoto: Me - and Cycad - Encephalartos TegulaneusPhoto: Me (close!)Photo: Kleinia abyssinicaPhoto: African black widow - Palpopleura luciaPhoto: African black widow - Palpopleura luciaPhoto: Green-patch Swallowtail - Papilio phorcasPhoto: Tabanid fly - PhilolichePhoto: Pea Blue - Lampides boeticusPhoto: Dusky Leopard - PhalantaPhoto: Dusky Leopard - PhalantaPhoto: Dusky Leopard - PhalantaPhoto: Male flying handkerchief - Papilio dardanusPhoto: Cacyreus lingeus Lycaenid butterflyPhoto: Tree nymph - SallyaPhoto: High in the mountain on the transect...Photo: Arriving back at camp - after a long day in the field.Photo: Others had set up a camera trap - and caught this leopard walking by...Photo: Photo: Photo: Wild pig skull found on the hikePhoto: Juliet showing off her photos!Photo: Photo: Photo: Dino looking for ants in the cycad...Photo: sucking them up before they can get away.Photo: Dino syphoning up ants.Photo: Patrick Malonza - documenting the reptiles and amphibians.Photo: Justice doing the dirty work on the specimensPhoto: Justics taking a break.Photo: Judith Mbau - with some of her prepared rat specimensPhoto: Others waiting to be taken back to the museum.Photo: Judith Mbau with her proud collection...Photo: Justics and Arthur - working late into the night.Photo: Working, but still having fun.Photo: Dashingly handsome!Photo: Photo: Sunset over the Mathews Mountains.Photo: Sunset over the Mathews Mountains.Photo: Fish Eagle. The day of the BIG move to campsite 2.Photo: Green-patch Swallowtail - Papilio phorcas (battered!)Photo: Blue spotted emperor (Charaxes cithaeron) - on Lion dung!Photo: Blue spotted emperor (Charaxes cithaeron) - on Lion dung!Photo: Nephila orb weaverPhoto: Dino Martins - posing with a giant version of the Encephalartos Tegulaneus CycadPhoto: getting the vehicles through the thick forest  - to and fro to campsite 2.Photo: A forest gomphid that Dino is still working to IDPhoto: Neocoenyra duplexPhoto: Soldier Commodore (Precis terea)Photo: Sabine Albatross - Appias sabinaPhoto: Vagrant - NepheroniaPhoto: Acraea esebriaPhoto: Field mouse baby... found by JulietPhoto: The nest where the mouse came from.Photo: Ficus portraitPhoto: Campsite 2 and Transect B, C and DPhoto: High up in the forested mountains - up from campsite 2 - on transect B. Dominic and I set up a fly camp.Photo: Tim and DominicPhoto: Northern Double-collared SundbirdPhoto: Matt and Tom also joined us for the day.Photo: Photos of the beautiful forest.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Dominic, the elder and Kai... admiring a giant tree.Photo: Forest high up - dominated by podocarpus...Photo: and the odd ficus...Photo: Probably Ficus thonningiiPhoto: Photo: Kai...Photo: Photo: The terrific forest at the top of the mountainPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Dominic measuring a tree. The stick is 1.4 meters long (probably a Faurea saligna).Photo: Photo: Photo: Dominic taking notes on the forest...Photo: A watering hole - we put some cameras up to capture some nightime guests...Photo: A Hyena came down to drink!Photo: And a porcupine wandered by.Photo: Wandering around the forest the next day.Photo: A Ficus so big, Kai climbed inside.Photo: The "fly camp" for the night - deep in the mountains.Photo: my bed that night - a mosquito net to keep bugs away from my face at night.Photo: The campfire that nightPhoto: Photo: Overlooking the Mathews and the far plains the next morning.Photo: Photo: The mist came rolling inPhoto: Photo: Dominic taking notes.Photo: Moss growing on the trees.Photo: Mist and cloud rolling by.Photo: Photo: Photo: Ant nest (Crematogaster sp)Photo: Photo: Photo: a driver ant (local name - siyafu) trying to chew my boot lace.Photo: the same drive ant...Photo: Photo: Picasso bugPhoto: Picasso bugPhoto: Picasso bugPhoto: Picasso bugPhoto: Picasso bugPhoto: Picasso bugPhoto: Acraea esebriaPhoto: The next day saw us on our third transect "C" - this time the south-western ridge.Photo: Campsite 2 and Transect B, C and DPhoto: The team ready for action! Kai, Dominic, Mze, and Minar.Photo: Kai trying to get a getting radio signal.Photo: Photo: Dominic finishing up setting up our camera trap, and taking a GPS reading.Photo: We caputured this Bush buck walking by...Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Taking notes on the forest...Photo: Near our fly camp for the night - water nearby, nice view, flat spot to sleep.Photo: Minar (the moran) and our scout - Kai. Lunch!Photo: On the rocks - a Jackson's Forest LizardPhoto: Acraea caterpillarPhoto: another moth caterpillarPhoto: Geometrid moth caterpillarPhoto: Dominic looking back at our previous days hike! The high point of that mountain!Photo: TimPhoto: Kai and MzePhoto: Golden-winged Sunbird - femalePhoto: Golden-winged Sunbird - femalePhoto: Grey-backed Cameroptera (bleating-warbler)Photo: Back for dinner - and getting ready for night time.Photo: the moran (young man) and the mze (the elder)Photo: Dominic with his fancy cup! (we forgot to bring cups and plates)Photo: Kai at the camp firePhoto: Photo: Kai.Photo: Kai on our forest hike the next day - following an elephat pathPhoto: Taking a break during the hikePhoto: Dominic during the hike...Photo: Dominic taking GPS readings and notes on the forest.Photo: more of the forestPhoto: Tim getting a measure the tree width...Photo: an imposing giant.Photo: On a rock outcrop - taking a break and notes.Photo: Inside the forests... surrounded by seyafu (driver ants), giant stinking nettle, and elephants... time to leave!!!Photo: Looking up the canopy.Photo: Giant Stinging Nettle (Girardina diversifolia)Photo: And the result of it hitting you...Photo: close up of the damage... the spikes break off inside and shoot poison into you... very painful.Photo: Back in camp on the last day - preparing all our data and notesPhoto: Me, Dom and Juliet working on our data and notes.Photo: Slowly cleaning up the campsite.Photo: My tent...Photo: Judy making final preparations for transport to Lewa and then Nairobi.Photo: Two of our scouts.Photo: All of the scouts enjoying lunch before our departurePhoto: Our tremendous logistics and cooking staff!!Photo: Elephants on the way back...Photo: Photo: Ngiri House - where I stayed for a few days afterwardsPhoto: Ngiri House - the patio.Photo: Ngiri House - inside the patioPhoto: and a Giraffe nearby Ngiri House at Lewa.Photo: Pied Wagtail at Ngiri house.Photo: Pied Wagtail.Photo: Vervet Monkey in the Fever Trees nearby.Photo: Vervet Monkey in the Fever Trees nearby.Photo: Vervet Monkey in the Fever Trees nearby.Photo: View from Ian Craig's home, overlooking Lewa.Photo: The flight home...Photo: Some low mountains in the distance - the Mathews very far away now.