38 Photos - Sep 6, 2012
Photo: Photo: After supper today, Robyn, my MIL and I snuck out and left the boys to do the dishes!  We headed to Walmart to do some shopping!Photo: Finding great deals is one of the things we love about Wamart - where else can you find a Phineas and Ferb t-shirt for only $2?Photo: Or a Hello Kitty Halloween t-shirt for only $8.88?Photo: But the reason we were at Walmart today was to shop for some very special books to donate to the Nick CFK Big Help Book DrivePhoto: And there were so many choices!!!Photo: Ah, found the first thing on my list - something Spongebob!  And this is a great set of 6 books for only $10.88!Photo: Photo: Photo: this one that was too cute to pass up!Photo: and this one too!Photo: We also found some great non-fiction titles too... because teaching the love of reading to learn is so important!Photo: My kids love the I SPY series so I had to grab one of these too!Photo: And who can resist a book with that menacing T-Rex on the cover telling you to buy it!Photo: Of course Robyn spent her time checking out the books without words - the coloring and activity books :-)Photo: And I couldn't resist  checking out what the latest bestsellers were... but now that I read on Kindle, I rarely buy books anymore!Photo: Of course there are always exceptions and collections like the Hunger Games series are something that the whole family reads and re-reads!Photo: We also had express  instructions to bring Wayne home gum... so we got the Car Cup size so he couldn't complain.Photo: then it was on to the fresh produce - great deal on red grapes!Photo: and the pears were fabulous too!Photo: Headed down the aisles and remembered I was out of tea... Red Rose - yum!Photo: and then we did some label reading to find good low carb snack options for Wayne on his new diet... these FiberOne bars made the cut!Photo: almost walked by this endcap... then I noticed something new to us - very cool...Photo: V-Fusion juice boxes!  Perfect for Liam's lunchbox!Photo: can't go to any store these days without picking up milk...Photo: then we headed off to browse for deals on clothes for the boys... and found this cute shirt - but it wasn't on sale yet...Photo: I can't believe the Halloween costumes are already out!Photo: Nana found the perfect pjs for Erik - they say UP ALL NIGHT...Photo: Off to shoes... and who does Robyn find waiting there?  Mario!Photo: and around the corner... Mickey Mouse!  It must be tough to be a Walmart employee who has to put away all the discarded products...Photo: but Robyn loved the surprise...Photo: and checking out the deals on new sandals and flip flopsPhoto: even Nana found a new pair of sandals!Photo: I found the perfect outfit for Liam... or any little boy... only $5 for the top and shorts set!Photo: Almost got this ... but I would need to wear shades just to look at him!Photo: We finally decided that we'd better head back and give the guys a break from the boys... so we headed to self check out and Robyn got to be our cashier!Photo: I love self check out because you watch each price as it scans - and you can make sure you're getting the right deals - plus you bag it the way you want too!Photo: