21 Photos - Oct 16, 2011
Photo: This is my first post to #SacredSunday curated by +Charles Lupica and +Sumit Sen 
Sun Loong is the longest Imperial Dragon outside China, at over 100 metres in length and he is traditionally awakened each year to participate in the Easter Parade in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia.Photo: Sacred Heart Cathedral in Townsville sits proudly at the base of Castle Hill, usually a beautiful background! Unfortunately, there is so much rain around at the moment the hill is just a distant blur that looms over all! On a very wet #sacredsunday , good day to fellow curators +Margaret Tompkins +Charles Lupica +Manfred Berndtgen and +Bill Wood
Also sharing for #iphoneography as I snapped this from the office window on the iphone!Photo: Welcome to +SacredSunday everyone. Today's post is of the All Souls St Bartholomews Quetta Memorial Church on Thursday Island. This church was built in 1893 and was dedicated in memory of the 130 souls that were lost when the Quetta was shipwrecked nearby. The stained glass in the 2 round windows depict the vessels of the Torres Pilots and the Endeavour. The church has been beautifully refurbished since this photo was taken & maybe one day I'll be fortunate enough to get back to TI and see it.
Happy #sacredsunday to my fellow curators +Charles Lupica +Margaret Tompkins +Bill Wood and +Manfred BerndtgenPhoto: Welcome to #sacredsunday curated by +Charles Lupica +Manfred Berndtgen +Margaret Tompkins +Sherrie von Sternberg and myself. I thought I should share something from my local history today as I have learned so much over the past few weeks from other members of the +SacredSunday community. This Bust is at the entrance to the Kuan Yin Temple which is in the grounds of the Golden Dragon Museum in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia. It is is the first temple built to honour the Goddess of Mercy in Australia and was consecrated following the customs and traditions of both Buddhism and the Bendigo Chinese Community. Wishing everyone a wonderful sacred SundayPhoto: I took this several years ago on a visit to Thursday Island.
A tiny Island community of about 3.5sq Kilometres (1.4 sq miles) with approximately 2700 residents, TI (as it is known) is about 24 k north off the tip of Cape York (Australia's Northernmost point)
For #SacredSunday curated by +Sumit Sen and +Charles LupicaPhoto: The Sandgate Baptist Church held its first service on Christmas Day 1877.
It is a beautiful example of an early Colonial church. For #SacredSunday curated by +Charles Lupica and +Sumit SenPhoto: I took this last Sunday whilst visiting Melbourne - unfortunately I didn't have the opportunity to go inside. For #SacredSunday curated by +Charles Lupica and +Sumit Sen . If you'd like more information on this marvelous Cathedral, Wikipedia has a pretty good account of its history.Photo: The Presbyterian Church in Castlemaine Victoria Australia is of brick construction in the Gothic style and it is widely said to be the best example of its kind in Victoria. It was built in 1861-62 and is a testament to the wealth of the Victorian goldfields at that time. My contribution for #SacredSunday curated by +Charles Lupica and +Sumit SenPhoto: Sharing my post for #sacredsunday I feel very happy joining the team of +Charles Lupica +Manfred Berndtgen and +Bill Wood. It is so easy to find special and sacred moments in nature, if we just take the time to stop and look around us.

I thought this might also fit the theme for #skysunday curated by +Randy Scherkenbach and +Patrick ScherkenbachPhoto: This is a photo of St Marys Cathedral in Sydney, taken from the Observation deck of the Centrepoint Tower. - An 'oldie' that I took in Sydney some years ago! Have a happy Sacred Sunday everyone!
My contribution tonight for #sacredsunday +SacredSunday™ curated by +Charles Lupica +Manfred Berndtgen +Margaret Tompkins +Sherrie von Sternberg and myselfPhoto: Yungaburra Community Chapel

This lovely little chapel is in the rainforest village of Yungaburra In Far orth Queensland. It is fairly typical of the small country churches and chapels that can be seen throughout rural communities in Australia.

Posting tonight for #sacredsunday (+SacredSunday™ ) curated by +Margaret Tompkins +Manfred Berndtgen +Charles Lupica +Sherrie von Sternberg and myself.Photo: I have been looking at some amazing +SacredSunday™ ( #sacredsunday  ) photos tonight and decided I should 'give back' an experience & photo of my own to share with our Sacred Sunday community, and with my fellow curators +Margaret Tompkins +Charles Lupica +Manfred Berndtgen and +Sherrie von Sternberg 

My partner & I recently did some travelling through the Atherton Tablelands in Far North Queensland and visited an Historic site that was the remnants of a small Chinese community that was settled in the early 1900's. At this site was a temple built at the turn of the19th century and dedicated to the Chinese god Hou Wang (who ,by the way, was a real person by the name of Yang Liang Chieh, that lived in 13th Century China & was deified after some particularly heroic actions at the time of the Mongol invasion)  Local historians believe that this is the only temple currently dedicated to Hou Wang outside China and it is also the only timber and iron temple remaining in Australia& New Zealand.  (thanks for this information goes to the National Trust of Queensland)

This building is modest compared to many and has long since ceased to be regularly used for prayer, but I was really touched by the dedication of the people who are determined to conserve & preserve what remains, and to see that the history of the site is not lost to future generations.Photo: Be Thankful for What You Have

This weeks post is written with a new found appreciation for just being here!  Today is my birthday but after spending Friday night in the Coronary Care Unit at the local hospital I was probably more grateful than usual to be able to celebrate with my family!
Nothing seriously wrong - probably more of a wake up call to look after myself a bit more and slow down - but the look in my daughters eyes when they bundled me into the ambulance was one I don't ever want to see again!

Sharing a photo of flowers in the garden - a simple pleasure that I intend to enjoy fully for a long time!

Enjoy your weekend everyone and may you find your +SacredSunday™ 
Regards to my fellow #sacredsunday  curators +Charles Lupica  +Manfred Berndtgen  +Margaret Tompkins  and +Sherrie von Sternberg Photo: Welcome to #sacredsunday  everyone.  I hope yours is as happy and relaxing as mine has been today.  I thought I would share a shot of St James' Cathedral in Townsville.  The front of the Cathedral has a lovely view over the Coral Sea.
Cheers also to my fellow curators of +SacredSunday™ +Charles Lupica +Manfred Berndtgen +Margaret Tompkins and +Sherrie von Sternberg 

Planning work commenced on St James Cathedral on 5th August 1883. The foundation stone was  finally laid by Bishop  George Henry Stanton on the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria, 27th June 1887 .
Only half of the Cathedral was completed  in 1892 when the work was halted because funds ran out - even after several changes to the building materials were made to cut costs (red brick instead of sandstone and concrete instead of marble).  Major damage was done to the Cathedral when Cyclone Leonta struck  Townsville in 1903 & it took a full year to restore the cathedral to its previous state.
No further building was done until 1953 when Bishop Ian Shevill revived the project and it was completed in 1960.  A full and detailed history can be found on the Cathedrals website  http://stjamescathedral.wordpress.com/about/
(my thanks to them for the excerpts here)Photo: Celebrate Life

Something a little different for #sacredsunday  tonight.  I have spent a lovely weekend enjoying some special time with my husband, doing the simple things we have always enjoyed, like sitting by the beach and wandering through the local show looking at the baby animals & all the amazing craft works on display.  Its only a little over a year ago that we thought we may never even have this time together so when I saw this brand new baby goat I thought it would be a perfect symbol to express something really sacred to me - just being alive to share memories & time together.
Wishing all in the +SacredSunday™ community a wonderful day & special cheers to my co-curators +Margaret Tompkins  +Manfred Berndtgen  +Charles Lupica & the very bubbly & joyous +Sherrie von Sternberg Photo: In the Bush
I find the solitude & beauty of the Australian Bush is something sacred to me.  When I am feeling tired or down, a short trip or walk in a place like this is enough to recharge the batteries.
Sharing tonight for #sacredsunday  curated by +Charles Lupica +Margaret Tompkins +Manfred Berndtgen +Sherrie von Sternberg and myself.  A very warm welcome to our guest curators +Steve Barge  & +Chatchai Rombix 

I am also sharing this post for #landscapephotography  curated by Margaret Tomkins +paul t beard +Carra Riley  and +Ke Zeng Photo: CornflowerPhoto: Glorious Nature

It's almost spring in the southern tropics and the flowers in my garden are all starting to bloom again.
I thought that celebrating 'renewal' might be appropriate for #sacredsunday this week.  Regards to all of my fellow curators +Manfred Berndtgen +Sherrie von Sternberg +Chatchai Rombix +Justin Hill & +Steve Barge 

Also sharing for #soocsunday   curated by +Jen Baptist and +John Kosmopoulos Photo: Sunrise on the Pacific Ocean
I took this shot on Saturday morning from the deck of the appropriately named Cruise Liner Pacific Dawn

It was so peaceful & tranquil - the air was unpolluted and crisp - I really go to thinking about the natural beauty that surrounds us every day, if only we look for it.
Wishing all of our contributors a happy +SacredSunday™ #sacredsunday   and a special hello to my fellow curators +Manfred Berndtgen +Chatchai Rombix +Justin Hill +Steve Barge and +Sherrie von Sternberg

I'm also posting this for +Dawn On Sunday #dawnonsunday curated by +Ray Bilcliff +Sherry McBriar and +linda stokes Photo: Lest We Forget

It is now the 11th hour of the 11th Day of the 11th Month here in Queensland Australia - Remembrance Day

Sharing my wish for peace and in remembrance of all those lost during conflict.
Especially for the #sacredsunday community and for my fellow curators - +Manfred Berndtgen +Chatchai Rombix +Steve Barge +Sherrie von Sternberg & +Justin Hill Photo: Wesley Mission Brisbane