Photo: Sarangkot Sunrise

Sarangkot is famous for the view it provides of the sunrise over The Annapurnas, Phewa Lake and the whole beautiful Pokhara valley. But, you need a very, very clear weather for that kinda post-card view, which I didn't get. Although I couldn't see the mountains at all, and the lake was hardly distinguishable from the land due to heavy fog, the sunrise at Sarangkot was a pretty enjoyable one.

This shot is quite certainly one shot from that place I'm pretty happy about. I know some of you may say that it's a little too vibrant as far as photo realism is concerned, but this one put a smile on my face after I was done with it, hehe. Besides, my HDR editing skill is only as far as the basic HDR tutorial video by +Trey Ratcliff , which is of course a very good video that made me really interested in HDR in the first place, but bringing out the best of these shots require a lot more than what I know about this technique at the moment.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the shot.
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Photo: Misty Morning

Sometimes it can be frustrating to see mist/fog or clouds, blocking some view that you've been wanting to capture so dearly. But they can also provide some good views by themselves. So I think we should never be disappointed at the weather while shooting. Every time of the day, every day in the season, every condition of the sky provides diverse environments, creates opportunities for unique shots that aren't available in any other time.

For #MistyMonday curated by +Martin Rak .
Photo: Pokhara, Nepal
Photo: Mt. Fishtail (Machhapuchhre) and Annapurna IV, seen from Pokhara, Nepal.
Photo: Mt. Fishtail (Machhapuchhre), seen from Pokhara, Nepal.
Mohammad Asif ul Haq
Pokhara, Nepal