642 Photos - Feb 18, 2013
Photo: at least they're honest.Photo: Who needs reindeer when you have Why Knot to give you a tow!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Hillsboro Inlet, Pompano Beach FL. Our starting point.Photo: Captain Lisa at the wheel.Photo: This one too.Photo: Everyone should have a boat in their backyard.Photo: Boynton Beach FL. view from a nearby bridge.Photo: Veiw from our first anchorage. Lake Worth FL.Photo: View from our first anchorage. Lake Worth FL.Photo: Jensen Beach Bridge, Jensen Beach FLPhoto: Jensen Beach Bride at night.Photo: Vero Beach Municipal Marina, Vero Beach FL. Moored.Photo: Vero Beach Municipal Marina, Vero Beach FL.Photo: Vero Beach Municipal Marina, Vero Beach FL. Moored. looking south.Photo: Debbie and Josh. Dames Pointe Marina, Jacksonville FL.Photo: Dames Pointe Marina. Rockin' as always.Photo: Dames Pointe Marina. Looking towards Blunt Island, a big commercial operation.Photo: Sleepy again.Photo: Photo: Dames Pointe Marina. Rockin' as always.Photo: 360 view Cowen Creek Anchorage.Photo: 360 view Cowen Creek Anchorage.Photo: 360 view Cowen Creek Anchorage.Photo: 360 view Cowen Creek Anchorage.Photo: 360 view Cowen Creek Anchorage.Photo: 360 view Cowen Creek Anchorage.Photo: Barefoot Marina, Myrtle Beach SCPhoto: Photo: Indigo Plantation Marina, Southport SC. Our girl.Photo: Surf City NC. Lisa in beautiful downtown.Photo: Surf City NC. a tourist destination. Wont be in full swing until Memorial Day.Photo: Lisa and the ocean. Only two blocks from Beach House Marina.Photo: Portside Marina. Morehead City NC. Very windy and rough. Very.Photo: Oriental NC. Amelia at MandM Rest. Lovely plating of ice cream.Photo: MandM Restaurant. Oriental NC.Photo: Whitaker Pointe Marina looking west towards a marina in Oriental.Photo: Photo: Whitaker Point Marina clubhouse from our slip.Photo: The rivers in NC are very wide and open.Photo: Lots of open water for miles and miles.Photo: Not much to look at but water.Photo: Dowry Creek Marina. Great marina. Awesome Vibe!Photo: Photo: Pulling out of Dowry Creek. Step one, back out of the slip.Photo: Step 2. Start my pivot to port.Photo: Step three. More pivoting to port.Photo: Step four. Pull away into the channel.Photo: Photo: Navigators lead such a tough life on long routes.Photo: Just another day at the office.Photo: Alligator River Marina looking east towards the Alligator River. Duh.Photo: My and my trusty flyswatter. A man on a mission...to kill flies!Photo: Entering the big bad Albermarle Sound led by The Zone and Sweet Pea. Perfect conditions, calm to lights puffs.Photo: The Zone and Sweet Pea Leading the way.Photo: Coinjock Marina. This is a LAD (Long-Ass Dock).Photo: Coinjock MarinaPhoto: Dinner with the gang. L to R - Darrell, Lisa, Jim and Dale (Sweet Pea), Laura and Ross (The Zone)Photo: Dale, Laura, RossPhoto: Darrell, Lisa, JimPhoto: Big party at CoinjockPhoto: Albermarle and Chesapeake CanalPhoto: Centerville double swing bridge openingPhoto: Motoring through the swing bridge.Photo: Motoring through the swing bridge.Photo: Motoring through the swing bridge.Photo: On through.Photo: On through.Photo: On through the bridge heading north towards Great Bridge bridge and lock.Photo: On up the canal led by Ocean Rose and Sweet Pea.Photo: Locking through at Great Bridge Lock (photo from Sweet Pea)Photo: Waiting for a railroad and vehicle bridge to open moving up into the harbor in Norfolk. Very industrialized.Photo: The bridge is opening.Photo: Going on through.Photo: On through following Ocean Rose and Sweet Pea.Photo: On though following Ocean Rose and Sweet Pea.Photo: Continuing on.Photo: Continuing on.Photo: Photo: Navy supply ship.Photo: Three mast excursion sailing vessel.Photo: Moving a navy frigate.Photo: Rainy and greay after 5:00 pm, just like the weather service said.Photo: The gang hanging out at Hooters. L to R - Jim, Lynda, Bob, back of Lisa's head, Dale.Photo: The view out our cabin door early morning 5/6Photo: View of the marina from the Southhampton Ferry. Norfolk 5/6/2012Photo: Southhampton Ferry. Norfolk 5/6/2012Photo: View of the Marina from the Sheraton Hotel. AGLCA Rendezvous 2012Photo: AGLCA Rendezvous 2012Photo: Photo: Ross and LauraPhoto: Photo: Jim and MimiPhoto: Stern In!!!!Photo: Sunset Norfolk VA 5/16/2102Photo: Our new neighbor at Waterside MarinaPhoto: Downtown NorfolkPhoto: Downtown NorfolkPhoto: Downtown NorfolkPhoto: Ice Cream! Virginia BeachPhoto: Yum!Photo: Virginia Beach. Nice likeness of me, don't you think?Photo: Virginia BeachPhoto: Virgina BeachPhoto: Radio controlled ships. a battle cruiser and the Seaview submarine that really dove and surfaced. Voyage to the bottom of the Sea!Photo: Radio Controlled ELCO PT Boat. Awesome! I want one.Photo: Lisa with a very big line on the Wisconsin.Photo: Looking aft on the battleship Wisconsin.Photo: Looking forward on the Wisconsin.Photo: The Battleship Wisconsin.Photo: The Battleship WisconsinPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Inside a mock up of the CSS Virginia ironclad ship. Mistakenly called the Merrimack.Photo: On the deck of a full size mock up of the Monitor.Photo: A Staten Island Ferry.Photo: Warships in Hampton Roads.Photo: Photo: Photo: A carrier. There were sour submarines at dock also.Photo: Colonial Beach Marina, Colonial Beach VAPhoto: Photo: The Colonial Beach TrolleyPhoto: The AGLCA group picture. Can you find us?Photo: Captured from the Alexandria City Marina Cam. See! We are here!Photo: Inside the Castle, SmithsonianPhoto: I have no idea what this place is. Never seen it before. Have you????Photo: Some monument to a guy named George.Photo: Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. Lunar ModulePhoto: Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. The actual model used to film the original Star Trek TV show.Photo: Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. The actual Wright Brothers Flyer. #1. The plane that made the first flight.Photo: Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. The actual Spirit of St. LouisPhoto: Murphy's Irish Restaurant, Alexandria VA. My new best friend, Mim. They had Fish and Chips!!!!!!!Photo: Air and Space Museum (Dulles) SR-71 BlackbirdPhoto: Air and Space Museum (Dulles)Photo: Air and Space Museum (Dulles)Photo: Air and Space Museum (Dulles)Photo: Air and Space Museum (Dulles) Our namesake aircraftPhoto: Watergate HotelPhoto: Kennedy CenterPhoto: The backside of Lincoln MemorialPhoto: Jefferson Memorial from the Potomac RiverPhoto: Washington Monument from the Potomac RiverPhoto: Photo: Photo: GeorgetownPhoto: GeorgetownPhoto: White HousePhoto: Photo: Washington MonumentPhoto: Dorothy's ruby slippers at the Smithsonian. The Smithsonian says that this is the most visited exhibit in all of the Smithsonian.Photo: "Hi Ho. Kermit the frog here."Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: "Dock"Photo: "Dock" - way too cute.Photo: Jelly Fish, Motoring out of Martin Point and Cove, St. Marys RiverPhoto: Approaching Annapolis HarborPhoto: US Naval Academy, Annapolis.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Naval Academy. Annapolis HarborPhoto: Photo: Main StreetPhoto: The harbor. Why Knot on the left.Photo: Main StreetPhoto: Sailing excursion motoring just past our stern.Photo: Ruth and Chicks Deli, Annapolis. A city institution.Photo: Why Knot in the harbor on a windy Monday. Taken from the Naval Academy.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Inside Dahlgren Hall. A multipurpose building, including the academy mess hall.Photo: The Bounty coming into the harbor.Photo: Entrance to Dahlgren HallPhoto: Dahlgren HallPhoto: Photo: Photo: The chapelPhoto: The ChapelPhoto: the chapel. Rear.Photo: The sarcophagus of John Paul JonesPhoto: Lunch looking out over the harbor.Photo: The BountyPhoto: Photo: Photo: View from our Marina, Cape May NJPhoto: Going up the NJ Coast, Wildwood NJ, an amusement parkPhoto: Atlantic City NJPhoto: Photo: Scales Restaurant, Atlantic City NJPhoto: Photo: Trouble ahead. Big wakes coming our way.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: ManhattanPhoto: Uh oh!Photo: Photo: Ellis IslandPhoto: ManhattanPhoto: ManhattanPhoto: Yes, they were that close.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Pier 57. A neat art deco period building.Photo: Photo: Aircraft Carrier Intrepid floating museum. Thats the Space Shuttle Enterprise under the bubble.Photo: Lisa at the helm cruising up the Hudson River.Photo: Looking behind to where we have been.Photo: George Washington BridgePhoto: George Washington BridgePhoto: Sing Sing Prison on the Hudson River in Ossining, NYPhoto: View of Hudson River from Half Moon MarinaPhoto: Half Moon MarinaPhoto: View of Hudson RiverPhoto: West PointPhoto: West PointPhoto: Hudson RiverPhoto: That crazy little castle again. Bannerman IslandPhoto: Hudson River. Beautiful conditionsPhoto: Kingston LighthousePhoto: Rondout River, from the boat.Photo: Creepy cloudsPhoto: PT boat hulls waiting to be restored.Photo: Hudson River is getting narrower.Photo: AlbanyPhoto: Inside the Troy Lock, commonly known as Federal Lock...Army Corps of EngineersPhoto: Waiting for the water to rise and to get out.Photo: At the docks at Waterford. Lock E-2. Erie Canal.Photo: Jim-OPhoto: A flood gate on the canalPhoto: Jim, Kathy and Gail of Jim-O at Riverlink in Amsterdam, NYPhoto: The Mohawk River portion of the Erie CanalPhoto: A canal portion of the Erie Canal. Thats Jim-OPhoto: On a free wall just down from lock E-17.Photo: Out of lockE-17 going through Little Falls, NYPhoto: A working tug used by the canal system.Photo: The Erie CanalPhoto: Landfall in False Duck Island, ON, CanadaPhoto: Lisa crusing us in to CanadaPhoto: Why Knot at dock, Waupoos Marina, Waupoos, ON, CANPhoto: Don't see one of these too often.Photo: In Trenton at the entrance to the Trent Severn Waterway. Taken from our marina.Photo: Hanging around lock 1Photo: Photo: Photo: On the blue wall waiting for Lock 1 to openPhoto: A beautiful day in Ontario...still waiting for lock 1 to open.Photo: At the top of Lock 12, looking toward CampbellfordPhoto: Looking BACK from the top of Lock 12. That is quite a drop there.Photo: The last leg. Heading into Campbellford.Photo: Photo: The worlds largest Toonie!Photo: Photo: Cruising through Rice Lake on the way to PeterboroughPhoto: Photo: Photo: The Zone getting ready to be locked up at lock 18Photo: Ross paying attention to things.Photo: Floated up and just about ready to exit.Photo: Photo: The view back from the top of Peterborough Lift Lock. 65 feet up.Photo: At rest on a wall at the top of Lift LockPhoto: The view from our sundeck in the evening. After the crew left we had the lock all to ourselves.Photo: UpstreamPhoto: Underneath one of the Lift Lock tubsPhoto: Underneath a Lift Lock tubPhoto: Underneath a lift lock tubPhoto: Why Knot at the lift lockPhoto: Early morning at the lift lockPhoto: a very narrow channelPhoto: A very narrow channelPhoto: Soney Lake. aptly namedPhoto: Stoney Lake, Hells GatePhoto: Stoney Lake, Hells GatePhoto: Wating to enter Lock 32 at BobcaygeonPhoto: Lisa and Tiffany, the super shoe sales girl.Photo: No, I do not know why there is a giant bull dog on the shore.Photo: Photo: That is one narrow channel we just went through.Photo: And it keeps on being a narrow channel ahead of us.Photo: And this is the shoreline less than a boat width away.Photo: Kirkfield Lift Lock.Photo: and another channel.Photo: and another channel.Photo: OrilliaPhoto: a waterway from Orillia to Big ChutePhoto: a waterway from Orillia to Big ChutePhoto: a waterway from Orillia to Big ChutePhoto: a waterway from Orillia to Big ChutePhoto: a waterway from Orillia to Big ChutePhoto: A traffic jam at Swift Rapids lockPhoto: Photo: at Big Chute on the old marine railway carPhoto: Marine railway crossing the road. Thats a boat in there.Photo: looking down the tracks down at the bottom of Big ChutePhoto: a boat all strapped in safe and sound crossing the road going up.Photo: Going downPhoto: Our exit from Big Chute after we rode the train.Photo: Waterway from Big Chute towards Port SevernPhoto: Waterway from Big Chute towards Port SevernPhoto: Waterway from Big Chute towards Port SevernPhoto: Port Severn at the topPhoto: Waiting at Lock 45, the last lock on the Trent Severn WaterwayPhoto: The shore of Parry SoundPhoto: Parry SoundPhoto: Thats what you call your basic rocky shore.Photo: Entering Bying InletPhoto: Entering Bying InletPhoto: The beautiful sky to our north as we were exiting Bying Inlet heading south.Photo: Getting ready to exit Bying Inlet out into Georgian BayPhoto: Collins InletPhoto: Collins Inlet (really a river)Photo: Getting ready to exit Collins Inlet onward to KillarneyPhoto: View from the boat through Killarney east.Photo: view west from the boat through KillarneyPhoto: View from breadfast at Sportsman's Inn. What do you see a breakfast?Photo: Square rig sail boatPhoto: a floatplane toodling through the straight. Shortly after this shot he opened it up and took off.Photo: There it goes.Photo: In the North PassagePhoto: Boats waiting to go through a swing bridge at Little CurrentPhoto: Once past Little Current under way to Gore BayPhoto: Looking onwards west towards Gore BayPhoto: Onwards towards Gore BayPhoto: Gore Bay Marina from our sternPhoto: Bentley, everybody's favorite Bulldog at Gore Bay.Photo: Why Knot and The Zone at Drummonds IslandPhoto: Drummond Island FerryPhoto: The Machinaw BridgePhoto: Sunrise through the docks at Mackinaw CityPhoto: Why Knot in her slip at Mackinaw City MarinaPhoto: Lisa and I waiting for the ferry to Mackinac IslandPhoto: "Big Mack", The Mackinaw Strait BridgePhoto: Its pretty rough out therePhoto: Mackinaw IslandPhoto: Mackinac IslandPhoto: Mackinac IslandPhoto: Mackinac IslandPhoto: Mackinac IslandPhoto: Mackinac IslandPhoto: Mackinac IslandPhoto: Mackinac IslandPhoto: Grand Hotel, Mackinac IslandPhoto: Old timey baseball game, Mackinac IslandPhoto: Grand Hotel, Mackinac IslandPhoto: The waters just southwest of Mackinac IslandPhoto: Big Mack from Mackinac IslandPhoto: Mackinac IslandPhoto: Heading west from Mackinac IslandPhoto: Charlevoix, MI, 360 degree shot from Why KnotPhoto: Charlevoix, MI, 360 degree shot from Why KnotPhoto: Charlevoix, MI, 360 degree shot from Why KnotPhoto: Charlevoix, MI, 360 degree shot from Why KnotPhoto: Charlevoix, MI, 360 degree shot from Why KnotPhoto: Ross, Laura, Lisa, Darrell  Charlevoix MIPhoto: Serious clouds on the horizonPhoto: YikesPhoto: a neighborPhoto: a big cruise ship trying to tie up on a small dock. Not a good recipe for success.Photo: Photo: The Yorktown from New York CityPhoto: Charlevoix is a beautiful place.Photo: Looking up towards Bridge Street, CharlevoixPhoto: Looking southPhoto: CharlevoixPhoto: Ok, so I have a lot of pics of Charlevoix. So what.Photo: Now where's this? Oh yeah. Charlevoix.Photo: Looking south on Bridge Streetl, Charlevoix.Photo: Looking north on Bridge Street. Charlevoix.Photo: Floating smoothie and hot dog stand.Photo: A seabird deterrentPhoto: "You step on this boat and I'm going to bite your small toe!"Photo: The Carp River running from Lake Michigan into Leland to Lelanau Lake.Photo: A fairly typical Great Lakes fishing boat.Photo: An aqua car.Photo: An aqua car.Photo: A chipmunk. Cute.Photo: The Carp River runnng from a dam towards Lake Michigan. This is called Fishtown and all the old fish shantys have been turned into shops.Photo: The SS Badger heading out of Ludington to Wisconsin. It is a vehicle and passenger ferry boat.Photo: "The Holland Turnpike" the very busy inlet into Lake Macatawa at Holland MI. Two lanes going in. Two lanes going out.Photo: Anchorage Marina Yacht Club, Holland, MIPhoto: Boats waiting to get to the ramp.Photo: There was a bunch of them.Photo: Very funny, Lisa. (But I do like a mid-cruise nap!)Photo: Sunset at St. Joseph, MI.Photo: A dream realized for Lisa...at the wheel of a Zamboni!Photo: Zamboni Girl!Photo: Lisa says, "Sell the boat. We're getting a Zamboni!"Photo: St. Joseph, MIPhoto: The St. Joseph West Basin MarinaPhoto: Chicago from a distance in Lake Michigan. We are south heading to Hammond, IN.Photo: Awesome sight.Photo: Chicago from our marina in Hammond, IN.Photo: Ross and Laura (The Zone) coming in from Lake Michigan, down from Chicago to head into the Calument River with us.Photo: The Zone going into the Calumet River. The next leg of the journey begins.Photo: Why Knot coming at you! taken from The ZonePhoto: Such lovely scenery.Photo: Whi Knot looking good.Photo: Photo: Don't you love the fenders.Photo: Laura on deck.Photo: Lisa and I on deck.Photo: The Zone is a pretty boat.Photo: Why Knot taking the lead.Photo: BoringPhoto: There we are under way.Photo: Busy canalPhoto: The lowest point on the Loop. 19.1 feet. The Zone made it with a foot to spare.Photo: Our Sooper Loopers Flotilla waiting at the top of the Brandon Road Lock at Joliet.Photo: The flotilla.Photo: Passing a towPhoto: Our turnPhoto: Ross, Lisa and Darrell rafted together in the Dresden Lock.Photo: Rafted up in the Dresden Lock. We were rafted to The Zone.Photo: Why Knot cruising out into the mist on the Illinois River (taken by The Zone)Photo: Happy to be in PeoriaPhoto: Why Knot (Darrell and Lisa), The Zone (Ross and Laura) and Carried Away (Joyce and Bill)Photo: There is a bridge out there somewhere.Photo: Beautiful downtown Peoria...eh...somewhere.Photo: A beautiful midday sky.Photo: Tied up to a tow boat on the Illinois RiverPhoto: On the bridge of a tow boat.Photo: The Zone tied up at Logston Tug Boat Company in Beardstown, IL.Photo: BeardstownPhoto: Tied up to the tow boatPhoto: That blip beneath the center mark is The ZonePhoto: Tying up in HardinPhoto: Why Knot and The Zone tied up at Mel's Riverfront Restaurant in Hardin IL.Photo: Lisa, Darrell, Laura and Ross at Blueberry Hill, The Loop, St. Louis, MOPhoto: Me and my boys on the fly bridge for a day cruise.Photo: B and KPhoto: K, B and L and the Illinois RiverPhoto: a Pirate ship?Photo: The marina at Joe Wheeler.Photo: The marina at Joe WheelerPhoto: DoctailsPhoto: The gang at dinner. We were the bunch that was the...um...having the most fun.Photo: Waiting for the dinner line to start.Photo: ISN'T SHE CUTE!!!!!!!!Photo: At the dinghy racesPhoto: Getting things ship shape.Photo: Blindfolded and rowing backwards. Tough.Photo: And we're off!Photo: Making our way to the float to turn around.Photo: Back at dock. Whew.Photo: We got an honorable mention. that means we didnt die.Photo: The Lock at Barkley Lake on the Cumberland RiverPhoto: Cumberland River from the lockPhoto: Hauling her outPhoto: The PropPhoto: Why Knot slung in the air.Photo: Photo: Photo: Her new transomPhoto: The new I-70 bridge at St. LouisPhoto: Eads bridge and the ArchPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Rafting at Cape GirardeauPhoto: the bridge at CapePhoto: Angelo TowheadPhoto: Looking down from Angelo towards the Ohio RiverPhoto: Up the Mississippi from Angelo TowheadPhoto: Sunset at Cumberland TowheadPhoto: Cumberland Towhead