17 Photos - Jun 28, 2013
Photo: Photo: Getting pumped up for a day of Monsters' University-themed fun by watching the movie trailer!Photo: This little boy is seriously pumped for our "Monster Shopping Trip" and craft!!Photo: Sweet little lady may need a Sully bandaid to cover up a scrape!Photo: My little guy was pretty pumped about all of the cars included in the display of Monsters' University toys at Walmart!Photo: I asked him to smile at me for a picture, but he couldn't tear his eyes off of the toys.  Haha.Photo: Sully mask!!Photo: Little sis got in on the action with a cuddly monster toy.Photo: Silly goose.Photo: Photo: Ahhh.....but ultimately THIS was the big winner!  That lucky little boy came home with the MU Roll-A-Scare Toxic Race Playset, along with the extra MU Roll-a-Scare Monsters!  LUCKY!Photo: I AM scared.  Very scared indeed.  ;)Photo: Monsters University Juicy Juice!!  Love the rollback price of only $2.68 a bottle!Photo: Got some MU fruit snacks for the road.  Mom snuck a few of them for herself!Photo: Time to PLAY!!  The Toxic Race Playset is a HIT!Photo: Mike is my boy's favorite rolling racer.Photo: Mike vs. Sully----on your marks, get set, GO!