71 Photos - Aug 14, 2013
Photo: Reeth, SwaledalePhoto: Gordale BeckPhoto: Gordale BeckPhoto: Gordale Scar 180 panoramaPhoto: Gordale ScarPhoto: GrassingtonPhoto: GrassingtonPhoto: Hardraw ForcePhoto: Ilkley MoorPhoto: IlkleyPhoto: IlkleyPhoto: Ilkley Moor 180 degree panoramaPhoto: Ilkley Moor HeatherPhoto: Ilkley Town CentrePhoto: IlckleyPhoto: IlkleyPhoto: Ilkley Town CentrePhoto: Janets FossPhoto: Janets FossPhoto: Limestone Pavement, Malham CovePhoto: Limestone Pavement, Malham CovePhoto: Penine Way, Malham CovePhoto: Malham CovePhoto: Malham TarnPhoto: MalhamPhoto: Peacock Butterfly, Ilkley MoorPhoto: Pennine Way WaymarkerPhoto: Malham TarnPhoto: The Pennine WayPhoto: ReethPhoto: ReethPhoto: Ribblehead ViaductPhoto: Ribblehead ViaductPhoto: RichmondPhoto: RichmondPhoto: RichmondPhoto: RichmondPhoto: RichmondPhoto: Richmond Town SquarePhoto: River Swale, RichmondPhoto: River Swale f rom Richmond Castle WalkPhoto: River SwalePhoto: River WharfePhoto: River Wharf, GrassingtonPhoto: River Wharfe, GrassingtonPhoto: Ilkley DucksPhoto: Skipton CanalsPhoto: Skipton CanalsPhoto: The Dales viewed from WigglesworthPhoto: Weir, River Wharfe, GrassingtonPhoto: Wigglesworth BeckPhoto: WigglesworthPhoto: Ilkley Moor HeatherPhoto: Bettys, IlkleyPhoto: Gordale ScarPhoto: Barn, WensleydalePhoto: Grass Wood nr. GrassingtonPhoto: River Swale, RichmondPhoto: The Dales View from WigglesworthPhoto: Flowers at outside the PloughPhoto: The Plough, WigglesworthPhoto: The Plough, WigglesworthPhoto: The Plough, WigglesworthPhoto: WigglesworthPhoto: Bettys, IlkleyPhoto: Ilkley shoppingPhoto: My wife enjoying a view of Ilkley MoorPhoto: Me hiking across Ilkley MoorPhoto: My wife walking past the heatherPhoto: Chilling out in MalhamPhoto: Castle walk, Richmond