14 Photos - Apr 6, 2013
Photo: Jane, Maxine, Elinor, Fred along Bay Street in SavannahPhoto: We toured the Owens-Thomas House on Oglethorpe Square. Built in 1816-1819, considered one of the finest examples of English Regency architecture in America. Inspired by classical antiquity. Marquise de Lafayette stayed here on a visit in 1825.Photo: Fred, Elinor, Randy. We were surprised to find that John Wesley, founder of Methodism, played a prominent role in Savannah.Photo: Cathedral of St John the Baptist. Parish was established in late 1700s. This church was built in 1876, though it has been rebuilt from fire and renovated various times since then.Photo: Fred, Elinor, Maxine, Randy. Along the Savannah River waterfront.Photo: Maxine and Elinor along the Savannah River. Talmadge Memorial Bridge in the background leads over the river to South Carolina.Photo: Carolina WrenPhoto: Savannah National Wildlife RefugePhoto: Grackles at Savannah National Wildlife RefugePhoto: Live Oaks at Savannah National Wildlife RefugePhoto: Fred and Maxine at Atlantic Ocean beach on Tybee IslandPhoto: Elinor at beach on Tybee Island. That is the Tybee Island Light Station in the background.  A lighthouse was first ordered built in the 1730s by James Oglethorpe, founder of Georgia, but it and several subsequent lighthouses were destroyed over the years and had to be rebuilt, relocated, or  rehabbed.Photo: Boat-tailed Grackles on Atlantic Ocean beach on Tybee IslandPhoto: Jane and Randy. Atlantic Ocean. Tybee Island, GA