34 Photos - Apr 6, 2013
Photo: Sunset after dinner at Kona InnPhoto: Howard on the verandaPhoto: Saffron Finch in the grass at Howard & Laurel's rented condo at Kanaloa at Kona (near Keauhou Bay)Photo: Randy cooking dinnerPhoto: Common Waxbill in the grass at Howard & Laurel's rented condo at Kanaloa at Kona.Photo: Howard and Laurel's rented condo overlooked the 11th hole at Kona Country Club.Photo: Japanese White-eye at Pu'u wa'a wa'a Cinder Cone State ParkPhoto: Ruddy Turnstone at 
Kaloko-Honokohau ParkPhoto: Randy at Kaloko-Honokohau Park on waterfont just north of Kona.Photo: Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle at 
Kaloko-Honokohau ParkPhoto: Howard and Laurel on our whale watching tripPhoto: This picture of a breaching Humpback Whale was taken by Laurel. My picture wasn't as sharp. Our whale-watching boat traveled northwest of Kailua-KonaPhoto: Another picture taken by Laurel. These are Spinner Dolphins that swim closer to shore than the whales. Notice that other critter closer to the camera. Eel?Photo: Kind of an ideal start to the day: fresh fruit, crossword puzzles, and a little e-reading on the veranda overlooking Kona Country Club golf coursePhoto: A couple of evenings we walked a short distance on the golf course to view the sunsetPhoto: Sunset as seen from near Howard and Laurel's rented condoPhoto: Laurel, Howard, Randy waiting for the sunsetPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: This male Wild Turkey came rushing up to us at the Makalei Golf Course and uncorked a great display, then turned away. There were three females in the vicinity.Photo: We took in a fun community theater production of the Wizard of Oz, preceded by tasty Italian dinner next doorPhoto: I'm reading a paper by Laurel on a legal topic which I no longer remember.Photo: Howard, Laurel, Randy at dinner at a restaurant (Canoe Club?) on the downtown Kona waterfront. We heard lovely music by a young man Devon knew as a kidPhoto: Walkway to Howard and Laurel's unit at Kanaloa at Kona. Lovely place.Photo: Java Sparrow in the grass at Kanaloa at Kona, Howard and Laurel's rented condo.Photo: Brilliant shot by Jane on 11th Hole at Kona Country Club. Picture by Laurel.Photo: I met and enjoyed the company of  Ken Walk and Mary Klix at Makalei Golf Course, and we agreed to play again at Kona Country Club. Ken and Mary are from St. Louis, Mo.Photo: This was taken at sunrise on the Saddle Road. Randy and I were driving to meet our guide, who was going to take us into the Hakalau National Wildlife Refuge.Photo: Female Kalij Pheasant in the Hakalau NWRPhoto: I'iwi, one of Hawaii's best-known and plentiful native honeycreepers. These native species are on the decline, most species dangerously so. This species is pronounced ee-EE-vee.Photo: Another native honeycreeper, the Apapane in the Hakalau NWR. Pronounced: Apa-PAHN-eePhoto: Hawaii's native goose, the  Nene, pronounced Nay-Nay. It is the world's rarest goose.Photo: Hawaiian Hawk, taken from the road between Saddle Road and Hakalau NWR.