16 Photos - Jan 3, 2013
Photo: Ready to begin soldering resistors and capasitorsPhoto: My beloved Weller soldering stationPhoto: added the first couple of resistors - had a hard time figuring out the color coding - it's so damn small!Photo: Had the iron too hot at the beginning - you can see that to the left. I never soldered on ocb before - The Weller had been used to make cables and so forth, but never PCB boardsPhoto: took the pedal, turned it around and used a sharpie to draw around it for a template, then scanned it in, and imported into photoshopPhoto: Came up with the idea of calling it oppressor - since it's an optical compressor (doh!) I then thought "hey - let's throw in some Russian art to go with the name". USSR font, images from google and I came up with thisPhoto: painted the pedal and printed out my template on a label. in hindsight I probably should have printed it out on something with a glossy finish to make the colors stand out more.Photo: picture from the other side. the black paint is just som high gloss spray paint.Photo: Cut out the template and use a black sharpie to touch up the places where the white paper shined throughPhoto: Photo: time for some clear SUPER gloss!Photo: I was a bit afraid that the label would bubble up or the coloring would start to smear out. thankfully it didn'tPhoto: after the 3rd coat. notice the bubbles on top? it had me freaked out a bit. Turns out they disappear when the gloss dries upPhoto: all put together, but very dirty from my fingers. Notice the driplings on the side - last layer of laquer... was a bit too generous...Photo: the red isn''t as red as I had hoped for, and there is no doubt that the finish could be better. But I thought that it should be true to Russian standards.Photo: Fun project. and if I ever throw myself at it again, which I most likely do, I've learned alot which would make the next pedal much nicer!