15 Photos - Jul 14, 2013
Photo: The three hour performance took place in the National Bank in Rochester New YorkPhoto: The performance took place in six different sties within the bank - the vault was one of themPhoto: Bits of "Anna and Tom's" history were placed within the safety deposit boxesPhoto: Performed by Julie VerdonePhoto: Audience members opened the safety deposit boxes to examine the objects and lettersPhoto: Ned AllenPhoto: Video that was shot in an old attic store was also part of the installation and mirrored the live performancePhoto: The audience viewed the three hour performance from many different vantage pointsPhoto: When the performers split up, the audience had to decide which performer to followPhoto: Ned Allen and Julie VerdonePhoto: One of the six sites where they performed in the bank.Photo: By the end of the night, this room was filled with crumpled letters that "Anna" wrote to Tom.  Tom would come into this room when Anna was gone, and read the many letters on the floorPhoto: Photo: Photo: Audience members also decided to write letters to Tom and Anna.  We didn't expect this, but it was an interesting addition to the piece