19 Photos - Feb 28, 2013
Photo: B4S$4: Buy at least 4 participating products and save $4Photo: Weekly ad mean #breakfastsavingsPhoto: a special breakfast treat, adds fun to a rushed morning.Photo: honey nut cheerios, crunchy topping for yogurt or sweet perfection as a bowl of cereal and milkPhoto: Cranberry juice is a sweet tart way to get your day going.Photo: Cran-Lemonade, something new for breakfast or anytimePhoto: Milk is a breakfast staple around here.Photo: which one do I want Mom?Photo: MorningStar Farms is a breakfast hit for my boys, especially  the links and BaconStrips, awesome deal going on...Photo: Mommy's helper loading the groceries onto the conveyor belt.Photo: Activia blueberry, a great low fat yogurt with lots of good active cultures.Photo: Mom's breakfast : yogurt, cereal bar, and 3 Bacon stripsPhoto: Cameron being oh so serious, but fed and ready for lessonsPhoto: not bad for a shopping trip without any coupons or prep time. When I got home I found 2 coupons I could have used, but the savings wasn't enough to stress about (about$1.75)Photo: Breakfast shelf in the pantry, easy for the kids to get to.Photo: Pantry shelves that are accessible to the boys, applesauce on the top self, soups and canned fruit on the  middle, and jams/jellies for sandwiches on the bottom. Keeping the pantry filled with staples means we aren't as rushed for breakfast, lunch, or snacks.Photo: milk and yogurt are on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator so the boys can get to them easier.Photo: Photo: I love that I get to participate in the #collective bias community.