39 Photos - Sep 11, 2012
Photo: Started the day off with breakfast at the Salem IHOPPhoto: Nathan was trying to decide which hot sauce to use on his eggs when they arrived.Photo: Cameron thinking about his "breakfast"Photo: Not the usual breakfast, but a grilled cheese and bowl of fruit was the perfect breakfast for Cameron.Photo: Nathan was overwhelmed. I asked for a side of fruit with his breakfast and we thought it would be a kid sized side not a full serving.Photo: Whole Wheat Blueberry crepes with sweet cream cheese filling.Photo: Nice bowl of fruitPhoto: Entrance to the Oregon GardensPhoto: Cameron wore his #gutzygear straps on his backpack.Photo: fuzzy cattailsPhoto: Not sure what kind of flower, but I thought it was so pretty.Photo: Hollyhocks? I thinkPhoto: Checking the map to figure out where they where.Photo: a Curry plant at the herb station. It is an aromatic but also tasted like curry (not super strong). Adding this to my list of herbs to grow.Photo: a rock that was hit by lightening, it was pretty amazing.Photo: Nathan working on his Nature Scavenger hunt. I had them draw pictures of the various things they saw.Photo: I love this water feature!Photo: a chewed on leaf, one of the scavenger hunt items.Photo: a pretty lavender colored ground cover flower.Photo: the leaves on this tree looked like fern frowns.Photo: the underside of the frownsPhoto: the "green bean" treePhoto: another view of the "green bean" tree.Photo: Nathan heading to find somewhere to sit and draw some more.Photo: pretty flower balls.Photo: Sunflower patch in the garden.Photo: Cameron and his friend sorting insect vs non insect cards at one of the stations.Photo: Photo: seeing him work so well with this activity reminds me that I need to make some card activities for other subjects.Photo: Nathan surveying the crossing.Photo: Jumping the crossPhoto: jumping back over the crossing.Photo: taking a break and checking on Daddy.Photo: I want some of these in my front yard.Photo: and these too.Photo: and these.Photo: and these too..Photo: Mike liked these and wants to find a spot for them in the yard.Photo: heading  home