34 Photos - Mar 7, 2012
Photo: all you magazine is filled with coupons, just the ones I ct out saved 3 times the cost of the magazinePhoto: our pile of coupons to sort for the allforkids shopPhoto: on our way to shop, I took peanut butter to go cups and pretzels for the boys to snack on.Photo: Our local Salem Super Center was really busy for a Thursday afternoon.Photo: We collected cans and bottles to return to add some extra money to the shop.Photo: not to shabby, and extra $5.40 to give to the food pantryPhoto: Heading into the Walmart Super Center Market side.Photo: The boys took a little detour to check out the awesome clearance section. (I'm teaching them young to wait for a clearance sale)Photo: getting started with $3.00 off Pedi-Sure (coupon for signing up on their website)Photo: We picked up 2 4 packs at $5.97 each ($2.97 after coupons)Photo: $1.00 off activia yogurt 4 packs , we had 4 coupons. I know the food pantry breaks these apart so each person in a family will get a yogurtPhoto: $2.18 , but on sale for $1.98 then only $.98 after couponPhoto: $1.00 off 12 roll TP (this one was from the magazine)Photo: I think the TP was $5.97 before the coupon. I know the food pantry takes these and breaks them up so each family gets a rollPhoto: $.75 off 1 box  of bars.Photo: picked up 1 box with 5 bars $2.50 before coupon so $1.75 after coupon. $.35 a bar, not too bad. again the food pantry will open the box and divide them up.Photo: Cereal is a staple item for the food pantry so $1.00 off 3 boxes will go a long wayPhoto: The smaller boxes of cheerios were only $2.50 eachPhoto: I had left over free coupons from a previous event I did so I picked up 2 bottles of agave at $3.98 each.Photo: They boys got in on the game matching coupons to products. $.50 off 2 cans of dole pineapple.Photo: this was out of the magazine as well.Photo: Soup in a huge staple item, so we used 2 coupons to get 4 cansPhoto: Rice is always a good item and with this coupon I decided to try the individual rice cupsPhoto: $1.84 before coupon so $1.34 after and the package could be broken up.Photo: tuna is a good protein and the packets are a great help for some of the seniors who have trouble with a can opener.Photo: $1.08 before coupon $.58 after, a pretty good deal considering the cost of tunaPhoto: Beans are a great source of protein and $1.00 off 2 cans is a good dealPhoto: My oldest was in charge of matched coupons and he was happy to help.Photo: My youngest was in charge of finding the product to match the coupon.Photo: 2 full reusable grocery sacks plus the TP. Before coupons $52.12, after coupons $28.32Photo: My youngest loves to put the cart away, he is getting so big..Photo: Delivered to the Food Pantry.Photo: Our small donation will help stock those shelves.Photo: