28 Photos - Feb 23, 2012
Photo: Be Well Save Well coupons available at Safeway PharmacyPhoto: A cloudy day but it wasn't raining outside our local Safeway store.Photo: Nathan loves to push the cart. As long as Mommy gets to leave her bag with coupons in the cart , it is usually ok.Photo: The yogurt aisle a favorite of the boys. Nathan is learning how to take pictures (notice the finger on the edge of the picture makes Cameron look balding)Photo: On sale! and Mommy had 2 coupons for ended up getting 12 yogurts for $5.20 ($.44 each)Photo: eggs (whats wrong with this pictures??) We eat a lot of eggs, some day I will own chickens.Photo: Lots of Orange Juice options.  There was a sale on the Minute Maid but they didn't have one with Pulp, better for making smoothies.Photo: Ended up with the Florida Naturals which I had a coupon for so it was an OK deal.Photo: A great recipe from inside the Be Well Save Well flyer.Photo: Tea, my go to when I'm not feeling well. Again had a coupon. The Echinacea Complete Care is a really nice tea, also the Honey Lemon Ginseng Green Tea is good.Photo: Turkey Pepperoni is a staple around our house. Hormel happened to be on sale and Mommy had a coupon so we stocked up.Photo: Halls cough drops another go to during Cold and Flu season and there happened to be a coupon on the shelf!!Photo: beans are a staple as well. I keep dry beans in the pantry but with a coupon and the weekly deal I couldn't help but stock up. Beans make a great soup when you need to warm up.Photo: We are spoiled during the summer months with local strawberries, but this deal was too good to pass up during the winter months.Photo: A pretty good deal on both bananas and kiwi fruit. Think we will try kiwi in a smoothie next time.Photo: Checked out and ready to head home. Spent around $65 and saved almost $40 with coupons and weekly specials.Photo: Being the this was close to Valentines day I splurged and got Lobster tail (was on special ) and Rib Steak (purchased at another store but on special as well). BBQ in the winter months improves everyone's sense of well being.Photo: Smoothie Time. Blender set up and ready.Photo: Strawberries and bananas ready to blend (we rinsed the strawberries and left the stems on to help them stay fresh,)Photo: Nathan added the juice, watching the measurements on the side of the blender.Photo: adding the strawberriesPhoto: "Now what brother?"Photo: Bananas dropped in!Photo: Pushing the pulse button in serious business.Photo: "looks good Mommy, can we drink it now"Photo: 3 glasses of smoothie with yogurt (without didn't photograph well)Photo: The Be Well Save well pamphlet from Safeway has some wonderful ideas.Photo: