31 Photos - Dec 19, 2011
Photo: Shopping at our local Walmart is always a fun experience , especially when you are shopping for someone else.Photo: Cameron and I were trying to decide if we were going to shop for a boy or girl... As we were shopping, we found these fun soaps so we decided to fill a stocking for a boy and a girl.Photo: Since I have little boys and don't often get to shop for little girls, I decided to have some fun. We found Disney pricess lip gloss and for only $1.00 a great deal.Photo: Toy Story or Cars, hmmmm decisions...Photo: Ended up going with the Cars 2 Theme...Photo: a watch for each stocking...Photo: What fun little vehicles... Great price too..Photo: You can't go wrong with Lightning McQueenPhoto: Stopped off in the Christmas section to pick up a few things and found it was pretty sparse... For being the beginning of December I was expecting more options... Hope they get to restock soon.Photo: Isn't she just adorable.Photo: Gotta love the sparkly shoes...Photo: Decided to spend our money of filling the stockings so we went with the lower priced options...Photo: A night light to add to the collection of Disney themed goodies.Photo: candy canes are always a good choice... (Cameron was being sill with the camera so I decided not to flip it over...)Photo: kids (at least mine) love stickers,Photo: so we picked out a pack of Disney Princess and Cars 2 stickers for each stocking.Photo: Getting ready to check out....Photo: Cameron loaded everything on to the belt.Photo: Lots of variety all around the Cars Theme...Photo: And the Disney Princess theme.Photo: After the shopping and filling up the stockings we attended the local Tree Lighting activity in DaytonPhoto: a couple of cold and silly boys...Photo: Getting ready to deliver the stockings to the local shelter we picked out... Before we go, I had a batch of turkey broth to finish processing.Photo: We were blessed to have some friends over for dinner the week before Christmas. I cooked 2 turkeys and saved the bones and such to make broth... 3 1/2 gallons of broth total... Will sure come in handy later.Photo: The stockings were loaded with care.Photo: Photo: Gently setting them on the porch. Unfortunately no one was there when we stopped by. Wanted to get the delivered before Christmas so we set them on the porch.Photo: He was so careful to make sure they were set up just right... Lots of love and care. So glad it was nice weather.Photo: Leaving a little love and blessing for a couple of children.Photo: That evening we attended Storybook Lane a bi-annual light display in Dilley.. The original idea and structure of Storybook Lane was set up by my husband's Grandparents back in 1935.Photo: Thank you to Disney and Champion For Kids for allowing us to be a part of something bigger.