26 Photos - Nov 30, 2011
Photo: Photo: boat capturing pirates? nah, just my 2 crazy boysPhoto: Photo: love the old style arm chair next to the computer station with toys tucked in between.Photo: Photo: This is the first of many tapes I've pulled out of boxes to recover.Photo: forms complete and everything ready to send.Photo: Photo: Steve was very careful to secure the VHS tape into the box.Photo: Photo: the landing page changes with the seasons . you gotta love this cutie though.Photo: iMemories is a simple way to save vintage media to new digital media. The website is full of tutorial videos as well.Photo: If you don't have a save way to ship, they will even take care of that for you with kits and specialized insurance.Photo: Don't know if you want everything on the DVD, perhaps you know it can all go on the DVD, either way iMemories has you covered.Photo: Their customer service department can be reached anytime via email or during business hours with a toll free number.Photo: Your memories are saved online for you to arrange an edit.Photo: you can rearrange video clips or mix and match media together in the studio.Photo: Photo: UPS ground shipping takes longer obviously, but I had to laugh when both packages showed up on the same truck.Photo: The DVD came in a nice slim box perfectly sized.Photo: Photo: I had a good laugh just looking at the shots on the cover... Your's truly is 2nd from the left on the bottom row.Photo: The back was full of images as well as copyright info giving a very professional edge.Photo: Photo: more screen shots along with video information I provided.  The picture quality and sound quality actually exceed the original.Photo: All graphics created using Creative Memories software on my personal computer. All screen shots take from iMemories.com with my personal sign on.