27 Photos - Nov 25, 2011
Photo: Before heading out on this shop, Kiddo and I had homeschool co-op. We got there early so he played in my classroom which is also the library and computer room.Photo: Our local Walmart, a store we shop at very often is  in the same parking lot as a smaller strip mall that houses the Sprint store.Photo: Our local Sprint store is not a company store but a preferred retailer. I like that. I also like the fact that they support the Boost mobile program if I need phone accessories. The store is small but the staff is friendly and knowledgeable.Photo: Photon in store, while we couldn't pick it up we were still able to play with the screen and get a good idea of resolution and functionality. Contract price was that same 99.99 as other similar phones.Photo: Some of the Camera features of the PhotonPhoto: The screen resolution is pretty amazing.Photo: Photo: built in tilt feature allows for movie watching...Photo: These hardware stats are amazing considering this is just a phone. I think some of these numbers are higher than my husband's desktop computer...Photo: Fully functional, amazing resolution, and awesome on board memory but yet it is still relatively thin.Photo: 4G is amazingPhoto: slim lines as well as slimline buttonsPhoto: 3G for those of us that don't have 4G available yet.Photo: clear picture for movie and slide show viewingPhoto: gotta love hotspot fuctionalityPhoto: I love the horizontal screen viewing for texting.Photo: Who doesn't love Google?Photo: lots of great accessories including this awesome HD station.Photo: I found several cases for the phone, this one caught my eye though, it is smokey and shiny. Very classy looking in my opinion.Photo: Charger and USB cord combo, this is one feature I am finding useful with many electronics.Photo: mount the phone for GPS navigation in your car, I can see this as an awesome hands free accessory.Photo: wirless keyboard? Well, with a phone that is as powerful as some computers I can see how a wireless keyboard could be very useful...Photo: Stereo headphones are a great addition to these new phones, especially with all the music and video available. Also  a great accessory for listening to MP3 conferences.Photo: Do you have a healthy lifestyle person in your world? This arm band makes working out on the go a breeze with you phone still available.Photo: I was impressed with the number on retailers I found this phone available online through.Photo: In store shot of the closest competition I could find. Similar price but not nearly as much on board memory, speed, or resolution. The only major difference was the QWERTY keyboard rather than than the SWYPE keyboard.Photo: