40 Photos - Nov 17, 2011
Photo: Shopping at Walmart anytime works for me, this store isn't open 24 hours, but it is open late enough for us. This project has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Elmer's #gluenglitter #collectivebias #CBias all opinions and ideas are that of the writer.Photo: The Scrapbooking aisle isn't marked but it isn't hard to find. The Elmer's Craftbond products are always pretty well stocked too.Photo: We decided on gluespots for this job. I know we won't need them all so for the $4.00 we can use them for school crafts as well.Photo: you can always use sparkles!Photo: Had to search to find a reasonable pack of cardstock in 8 1/2 x 11 size but was happy to find this neutral colored pack.Photo: ventured to the Holiday section and found this gift wrap cutter, going to try it for couponing as well.Photo: stackable storage baskets for a weekend project, although if it works out I might be back to get some more for our classroom.Photo: and the larger size too.Photo: You can never have enough of the Elmer's 3D Classic Glitter colors Jumbo Pens. besides they are washable too.Photo: I was happy to see the art supply section has the Painters now. I will be back for these (yes they are pricey but I have a couple fun projects in mind)Photo: Picked up a roll of pretty blue ribbon with snowflakes. I am eyeing the red this year for my tree but will wait for another trip.Photo: also picked up this pack of ornaments for decoration on a table at an event this coming weekend (11/19)Photo: Nathan was a little worried about shopping at night , in the rain , and the wind, but a bag of M&Ms settled that.Photo: Headed next door to Winco for some extra grocery shopping, if only we have a Super Walmart.Photo: Next day, card making!! Got out the supplies including the die cutter, punches, stickers, and anything else we might need.Photo: Large leaf die.Photo: Cut 10 dies (we are making 10 cards for Thanksgiving dinner)Photo: Nathan loved playing falling leaves. (we had a little bit of sun in between rain showers.)Photo: Nathan loves to help cut anything.Photo: Cutting the paper in half. I love my old school paper cutter.Photo: paper ready to fold and leaves ready for cards.Photo: fold the strips into cards.Photo: folded the cards in half.Photo: making sure the edges line up before creasing.Photo: checking the leaf for direction on the card.Photo: Bring on the Elmer's CraftBond glue spots.Photo: the glue spots come on a rolled strip and are spaced so you can get as few or as many as you need easily.Photo: place the glue dots on the leaf .Photo: there is some dimension to these glue spots. I like that about these.Photo: The leaf is up off the card just enough to give it some dimension.Photo: added a vellum leaf stickerPhoto: We store the Elmer's 3D glitter pens upside down so the glue/ glitter is ready to use.Photo: using the Elmer's 3D glitter pen we wrote names across the leaf.Photo: even Nathan got in on the act.Photo: using the Creative Memories (c) tag maker from my stash.Photo: it is a huge punch, but heavy duty too.Photo: Nathan loves using the punches.Photo: I added the words to the tagPhoto: placed the tag inside the card with another glue spot, the boys will write a personal message for each person this week.Photo: the finished card. Each card will be a place card for Thanksgiving dinner next week.