26 Photos - Oct 29, 2011
Photo: The Lancaster NE Walmart seems to be the store with everything lately so that is where we headedPhoto: Kiddo loves to push the cart, of course it becomes a battle when Mommy needs to push it.Photo: I made a list this time. I knew I would forget something if I didn't (even with the list I had to stop at another store because I forgot the baguette)Photo: We found 3 varieties  of the Gourmet Creations and there was even a coupon (BONUS)Photo: Kiddo picked out the Chicken with apples and Gouda cheesePhoto: cream cheese, so many choices... I was going to get the Great Value package for $1.98, butPhoto: then I saw the larger container for only $.50 more... We all like the whipped cream cheese and so I go the larger one.Photo: Kiddo counted out 6 lemons for me, I want to make a grape jam recipe I found with lemons.Photo: Since store 1748 is a Super Walmart we were able to get the smaller #ClearAmerican in 4 packs. Key Lime and Strawberry.Photo: We also picked up an 8 pack of #ClearAmerican Naturals in Black Cherry.Photo: Kiddo wanted to check out the garden center, we found Christmas trees and lights, he was so excited.Photo: Of course Kiddo being a farmer at heart had to check out the plants and potting soil.Photo: coupons are key to most of my shopping tripsPhoto: and having $.55 off each of the #GourmetCreations packages was a great bonus to the trip.Photo: fun variety of stuff for baking and cooking up some yummy dinnersPhoto: Kiddo pushed the cart out of the store for me as well, such a gentlemanPhoto: Ready to start dinner.  browned a large chopped onion and a large clove of garlic in my roasting pot (good size for soups)Photo: chopped up 3 carrots in large piecesPhoto: added the carrots and 3 chopped celery stocks to the pot along with 1/2 quart of vegetable stock (homemade this time)Photo: chopped up both packages of #GourmetCreations sausages.Photo: combined the sausage with the veggies and the other half of the stock. and about 2 Tbsp Garlic seasoning or whatever soup flavor.Photo: added half a package of mini bow tie (mini farfalle) noodles. cover and simmer until noodles are tender.Photo: appetizers: Baguettes with cream cheese with grapes and pecans.Photo: Husband's version (he didn't slice his grapes and added  2 pecans.)Photo: bowl full of soup. Even the boys liked it.Photo: