50 Photos - Jan 9, 2013
Photo: Scarlet Nova Mantle Flute $790. 12" HPhoto: Scarlet Nova Teton 8" H; Thunder 9" H $350.Photo: Red Satin Mantle Flute 12" H $790.Photo: Mini Red Satin pieces Flute, Thunder, about 5.5" H $230. eachPhoto: Red Satin Cabinet Ovid 5.5 " H $350.Photo: Ovid, Mini; low flute, Middle $230. others $350.Photo: Cabinet Size Thunder vases 8-9" H $350.Photo: Ovid Shape Mantle 8" H $790.Photo: Cabinet Series Placer Pattern $350.Photo: Thunder ShapePhoto: Low Flute Cabinet size $350.Photo: Shifting Sands Mantle Flute $790. Platter $1050.; Thunder $790.Photo: Shifting Sands Mantle Flute 12" H $790.Photo: Shifting Sands Platter $1050. about 22" diameter.Photo: Shade in Scarlet Nova $350. This is a commercial Lowe's fixture.Photo: Pendant Shades 8" H $350. One on the left is undrilled; we can drill to your hardware's specifications.Photo: Mini Series "Carnivale"Photo: Mini Flute $230. 5.5 " HPhoto: Flame Weight on Onyx Stand is one of the choices for a corporate award. Other colors: red, cobalt, white-gold, blue-green, shifting sands.Photo: Low Flute Cabinet size $350.Photo: Cobalt Mini Flute' Thunder $230.Photo: Murrini Cane Bowl UniquePhoto: Cobalt Thunder about 8" H $350.00Photo: Round weights in enamel colors. About 3 in. diameter $95.USDPhoto: unique Encalmo Bowl with canes, About 16 in. Diameter $5,500.USDPhoto: Black, Red Opaque silver glass unique bowl . 16 in. Diameter, $3,200. USDPhoto: Placer Pattern Mini vases.This is a lustre pattern. $230. each USD.Photo: Fountain Weights by Nourot.Photo: Detail "Pipeline" by Nourot.Photo: Flower weights 5" D $100.Photo: Flame weights about 6" H $150.Photo: Red Satin Mini $230.Photo: Neo Classic Lamps $1750.Photo: Mirage Hotel Award for  Blackjack Tournament 2012.Photo: Lighting by NourotPhoto: Sconces made to order $790. 12HPhoto: Ovid Placer Mantle 11"W 8"H $790.Photo: Optic Perfume bottles $175.Photo: Hunt Bowl in Mantle size $790. 14 W X 9 HPhoto: Awards blanksPhoto: Rivergate wall piece 22" widest $1050.Photo: Rivergate ceiling fixture by NourotPhoto: Custom awards etched in gold by NourotPhoto: Etched glass and etched base.Photo: Unique piece $790. retail.Photo: California Gold Pattern with Red "river" Platter
$2,150.Photo: Olana Bowl $1050.Photo: Dale Evers Studio metal Ravens Lamp $14,000
(SOLD)Photo: Spectral Weight 3" D $95.Photo: Cobalt Mantle Flute 12" H 14" W $790.