31 Photos - Sep 30, 2012
Photo: We had the most amazing meal this afternoon at HoHut, a new restaurant. I loved the stir fry but the girls love the dessert...Photo: S'mores? At a restaurant? At the table? How ingenious! It just doesn't get better than that. And since there was enough for 4 kids, we shared with the woman (and her daughter) at the next table.Photo: Photo: Courtney would love this Disney Princess write on toy, but I can't afford it.Photo: Cute girl Halloween costumes.Photo: She's deciding which princess outfit to choose.Photo: This is THE ONE!Photo: She picked her outfit today, and specifically asked if she could wear her princess shoes to pick out her princess dress. Of course!Photo: More dresses in the toys section.Photo: Photo: Photo: She wanted the Rapunzel hair, but it doesn't quite match...Photo: Such a sweet gift for a little girl.Photo: This could actually turn into a gift from Santa! Courtney's making a list today. Oy!Photo: Such a cool app! It's the Royal ballroom and you can turn the iPhone to see the entire room...Photo: ...including the ceiling!Photo: She found a crown. She was worried that she wouldn't find one.Photo: Party stuff. Favor bags, necklaces, plates. Just realized that we don't have princess napkins. Have to add that to the list for when we go back to Walmart for the Retailtainment event.Photo: I'd love to get a pinata for the girls, but I have no place to hang this.Photo: Disney Princess kneepads on clearance. Too bad we don't need them.Photo: Photo: Photo: Swimming stuff on clearance. I may come back and get a few things, since I'm taking the girls out of town this weekend. We'll go somewhere for the night Friday night and the first thing they'll want to do is swim.Photo: The girls and I checked out some movies while we were there.Photo: She loves Diary of a Wimpy Kid, but we'll have to wait a few weeks until I get paid again.Photo: I think she sees The Princess and The Frog.Photo: The girls have one of these, but it's Dora. They've outgrown it but they won't give it up. They sit inside and watch movies. And then fall asleep smooshed up.Photo: We just got a LeapFrog Explorer so they're looking at games. They're kind of expensive though.Photo: We have a SodaStream so we're always looking for deals on drinks. We'll probably buy some on Saturday for the party on Sunday.Photo: Checking out. No line! Thank goodness. Walmart is not known for its short lines.Photo: Dark and drizzling as we walked out the store.     I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.
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