109 Photos - Dec 28, 2011
Photo: San Francisco to LA! Here we go!Photo: Photo: Photo: TEAM! GO!Photo: Amy's highschool friend Annette came along for the first day walking. She was great!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: That's Alcatraz out there!Photo: There were lots of old military outposts all along our route. Very cool to see! The squares you see on the side of the building are where cannons stuck out to defend our shores.Photo: About 3 miles into the walk. It was about here we started to get questioned about what we were doing. And that never stopped. Hah!Photo: Photo: Perfect breakfast! At the Rendez Vous Cafe we met Peaceful George, and older gentleman with a peace sign pin who gave us $1 for our next coffee break.Photo: Resting at a beautiful lake. There was a father and his sons fishing at the side. After this, we headed straight into the mountains.Photo: Some of the most beautiful roads of the trip...right through the mountains. Beautiful. Challenging.Photo: But the views at the top are worth it!Photo: Photo: Aaron! You made it to the top!Photo: Amy! You made it to the top!Photo: Photo: oh wait, there's more.Photo: Marty, we found you!Photo: The redwood trees were AMAZING and HUGE!Photo: Photo: Photo: After going through the mountains, we made it to Santa Cruz! This is some famous rock, I think.Photo: It was beauuutiful!Photo: Yes, that's Aaron up ahead. Even though it was our rest day, we couldn't resist climbing all over the rocks.Photo: Sometimes we're a little stubborn. As in, yes, get around this rock and make it to the other side without getting wet. GO!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: We found a sea cave! (although apparently others had too, haha!)Photo: Photo: Photo: As we headed down the coast, we were awestuck by the beauty it held. These pictures do not do it justice.Photo: Photo: Photo: Yes, this is real life. Amazing, huh?Photo: Yea, this is the view we fell asleep and woke up to.Photo: Photo: Photo: Can you see Aaron? We snuck down to get some water one morning.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: As we walked, we met a man named Jason who owned a Spirit Garden and invited us to check it out.Photo: There was a stage and theater area for concerts!Photo: All around, were different artists interpretations of water and its impact on life.Photo: Photo: There was a GIANT drum! So cool.Photo: Photo: Jason also creates "Spirit Nests" for people. This is one of them. Check it all out here: http://bigsurspiritgarden.com/Spirit_Garden_/Spirit_Nests.htmlPhoto: Photo: Photo: If you are ever in Big Sur, CA, you got to pull over and check this place out. http://bigsurspiritgarden.com/Spirit_Garden_/Big_Sur_Spirit_garden.htmlPhoto: Yes, that is Aaron getting our water from a rock this time. Moses?Photo: Photo: Every morning, it would start out hazy and cloudy. Sometimes you could barely see.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Sometimes you don't realize how far you actually are from the water. But see those rowboats? Yeah, we were higher than we thought.Photo: Aaron is sitting in a very unique chair overlooking the ocean. Perfect place for a break.Photo: See? Coolest chair ever.Photo: Nothing like the sun setting over the water after a long day. Amy snuck away to snap these pictures while Aaron and Marty were cookin' up the typical rice and beans dinner.Photo: Photo: When we saw the LA Times we knew we must be getting close!!!Photo: A pastor generously let us stay in their youth room overnight. Amy took off her shoes and actually inspected the tan lines for the first time in a while. Couldn't resist taking the picture.Photo: We were apparently following the route of bikers who did this trip every few years. They wrote notes to each other to remind themselves where to go and encourage themselves the next time around.  It was fun to see their story unfold.Photo: Photo: So, where did the ocean go?Photo: Photo: This was amazing. We were walking down the sidewalk and found a seating area, welcoming travelers from anywhere they may have come from. We hadn't planned on taking a break then, but who could refuse such hospitality? While we sat, the homeowner came out and encouraged us to make ourselves at home and rest!Photo: So we did just that.Photo: Photo: Wizard of Oz anyone? It was awesome.Photo: Photo: Aaron likes to climb in trees during our breaks. Can you see him? Try to spot him in the next few photos.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: There was a period of time we walked on the train tracks. Its actually not really that comfortable to walk on. But interesting!Photo: Photo: Photo: On this beach, we met an amazing guy who showed us his wood carvings, and wanted to come to Africa with us just for the archaeology and interesting discoveries they are making there now. He was great.Photo: Photo: From the outside, we saw just a shop of sorts that looked interesting. But in the back, we found this amazing garden. They let us make ourselves at home and brought us tea. It was an amazing sight to see and they were so nice!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Favorite breaks = beach breaks. Heck ya!Photo: Photo: Photo: We're done! We look gross. hahaPhoto: Santa Monica PierPhoto: On the way to Cali, Amy and Marty checked out the Red Rock Amphitheater in Denver. On the way back, Aaron got to see it too.Photo: Photo: