33 Photos - May 7, 2012
Photo: Shared Disaster Supply Cache for the AFR Pittsburgh group from NEH grantPhoto: Shared Disaster Supply Cache for the Alliance for Response Pittsburgh group from NEH grantPhoto: Delicious catered lunch!Photo: Photo: Many of our attendees.Photo: Tom and Tracie explaining the materials of the shared disaster supply cache.Photo: Tom seems very excited about this fan!Photo: Tom explains the exercise and general guidelines.Photo: Wet materialsPhoto: Attendees are encouraged to look at materials and begin setting up work areas.Photo: The wet materials include books (hardback, paperback, spiral bound), magazines, photo negatives, floppy disks, and microfiche.Photo: Photo: Tom demonstrates wrapping wet books in freezer paper prior to packaging them up. Keep it loose!Photo: Photo: Attendees cover tables with plastic sheeting and prepare work stations for the wet materials.Photo: A few people from each group come to the pile to select damaged materials.Photo: Several attendees assigned themselves the task of box construction. Great thinking!Photo: Interleaving with plain paper towels.Photo: Lining boxes with trash bags so that the wet materials don't fall through the bottom.Photo: Wrapping a wet book with freezer paper. Tricky in the wind!Photo: This snake absorbs a great deal of water, as demonstrated, and can be useful as a preventative in problem areas.Photo: Attendees use what resources were at their disposal. Here a chain-link fence works better than fishing line attached to tables. Great work!Photo: The chain-link fence is a bit of a distance across the parking lot, but still useful. The work area was also busy with trucks but the attendees made do with the situation.Photo: Air dryingPhoto: There are still a good bit of materials remaining in the pile.Photo: Books, negatives, magazines remain.Photo: This hardback book fell apart due to water damage and age once an attendee picked it up.Photo: Spiral bound books are also problematic.Photo: A makeshift bucket - great idea! This negative needed to be rinsed of particles and dirt and the trash bag-in-box did the trick.Photo: Ready to be hung out to dry.Photo: One box packed up and ready to go! Loosely wrapped, spines down, just enough to not flop over but not so many they are crammed. Good work!Photo: Box getting packed up.Photo: Finishing up!