28 Photos - Jun 10, 2013
Photo: The kids love mommy and daddy's bathtub.Photo: Photo: Photo: Cecily and I made a trip to Utah for my sister Kaitlin's wedding.  My older sister Chelsey (seen here with me) let us stay with her and their adorable new little kitten that Ceci loved so much.Photo: Doesn't it look like they're sharing secrets? :)Photo: Hans' parents were able to come visit us in Kansas City for a week.  We kept them very busy.  We even made a trip up to the Omaha, NE zoo.  Wow!  What a great zoo.  We had such a good time.Photo: Hans and Eva on the skifariPhoto: I was surprised the Cecily wasn't scared.Photo: Oma was a little unsure of that butterfly.Photo: Don't ask me what either of my crazy children are doing because I couldn't tell you.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: We have been finding all kinds of creatures in our pool lately.  This was the latest one.  He almost bit Hans finger off.  I'm still trying to figure out how he even got into the gate.  It was closed and there isn't a very big space underneath.Photo: Photo: There is a great farm down in Overland park a little ways from our house.  The kids and I love this place.  We took the grandparents with us during their stay.  Oma bought the kids these shades and they thought they were the coolest kids ever.Photo: Photo: Kaitlin and Chad after the ceremony.Photo: I loved her dress!Photo: Photo: Cecily's best cousin friend Mia Jane!  Here she is world!  It's impossible not to love this little girl.Photo: Waiting for the train at the zooPhoto: Photo: Hans and I took the kids to a beautiful park in downtown Kansas City on Friday.  It was nice to spend the day as a family.  This place is absolutely amazing.  We have really come to love the hidden treasures that KC has to offer.  This was the rose garden.  They also had a splash park, playground, and tennis courts.  This park is called Loose Park and has 74 acres.  It's right downtown too.  I loved all the huge trees.Photo: You can't see it, but Eva was holding a milk bottle.  These goats were hungry!Photo: More of Loose Park.Photo: