64 Photos - Jul 26, 2011
Photo: Just outside the Turist Office, downtown CopenhagenPhoto: City Hall PlazaPhoto: Entering one of Copenhagen's many parks, OrstedsparkenPhoto: OrstedsparkenPhoto: Orstedsparken. A statue that struck me because of a friend who had recently diedPhoto: Photo: Photo: OrstedsparkenPhoto: Botanical GardensPhoto: Botanical GardensPhoto: Botanical GardensPhoto: Botanical GardensPhoto: Botanical GardensPhoto: Botanical GardensPhoto: Botanical Gardens and Copenhagen University (annex?). Tycho Brahe collected data, incredible data!, which Kepler later used to derive the laws of planetary motion. To me, Brahe represents the importance of variety, the importance of all kinds of skillPhoto: The Danish National Gallery of ArtPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: The Guitar PlayerPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: A very eerie exhibit. and this shot only shows a small piece of it. I looked in the door to this exhibit (because there is a closed door with a window seperating this exhibit) and walked away, thinking for the briefest moment that it was so strange that the Danes would put a hospital adjoining a museum, then went in after some hesitation -- the mannequins are very lifelike -- and I creeped around. There is no sign to indicate what this is until you walk in and I'm guessing that if they have a camera you could make art and/or comedy out of visitors' reactionsPhoto: Photo: modern and classic juxtaposedPhoto: Gallery style is dominant, unlike the National Gallery in Washington, DCPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: King's GardenPhoto: King's GardenPhoto: King's GardenPhoto: King's GardenPhoto: King's GardenPhoto: Photo: Trinitatis ChurchPhoto: Trinitatis ChurchPhoto: Photo: Trinitatis ChurchPhoto: bicycles everywherePhoto: I had so much fun placing my photos from my Summer 2011 vacation on Google earth, that I revisited my Copenhagen 2009 photos and placed them on Google maps as well (I chose Copenhagen because the 2008 trip in particular had been so important in my NSF experience). I used a good memory of the real space, good map instincts, and some other heuristics to place the pics -- for placing the location of this pic, I was able to pinpoint it by its shadow -- see next picPhoto: Photo: Photo: lots of bikes -- this outside the train stationPhoto: On the way to Helsingor, probably 60-90 minutes awayPhoto: I stayed at the Hotel Sleep 2 Night, a simple, clean hotel out in the boondocks, to save a little money -- so much for "first class junkets"; the conference itself was at 'A', the Marienlyst down by the water. Each morning a conference arranged bus would pick those of us staying in the boondocks. It was summer, June I think, and it never really got dark -- I'd check Facebook in the middle of the night to stay up with my peeps.Photo: Kronborg Castle, Helsingor Denmark -- there was an evening receptionPhoto: central Castle plazaPhoto: Kronburg Castle, Chapel entryPhoto: Conference reception at Kronborg Castle; my (big) boss at the time, Jeannette, in the colorful sweaterPhoto: reception at the other end of what was at time of construction the largest dancehall in Northern EuropePhoto: castle tourPhoto: The ICT, Climate Change and the Environment Conference. I'd been in Denmark one day at this point.Photo: Photo: Jeannette's panelPhoto: Jeannette at podium, talking about the importance of basic research in the area ICT (Information and Communication Technology and the Environment)Photo: Just outside the conferencePhoto: Photo: Photo: