34 Photos - Mar 19, 2013
Photo: Bay Area Underground, http://thoughtpublishing.org, and Oakland in Popular Memory for sale at 26th and Telegraph at Oakland's First Friday Art Murmur, http://www.oaklandfirstfridays.org.Photo: Gretchen selling booksPhoto: ArtIsMobilUs at 26th and Telegraph, http://artismobilus.com/Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: The crowd was thin early in the evening (around 7:30pm)Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Free Bradley Manning chalk graffiti in front of Oakland's City HallPhoto: Photo: Photo: The crowd got really big later in the evening (around 10pm)Photo: A mobile Mardi Gras-inspired DJPhoto: A man was walking around in as a life-size can of the energy drink Hyphy Juice http://hyphyjuice.com/Photo: Masks attached to an artist's pantsPhoto: http://artismobilus.com at Oakland First Fridays,  http://www.oaklandfirstfridays.orgPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Joe Sciarrillo talking about a photo from Bay Area Underground, http://thoughtpublishing.org, taken at a previous First FridayPhoto: Joe Sciarrillo signing a copy of Bay Area UndergroundPhoto: Photo: Photo: People flipping through Bay Area Underground photobookPhoto: Oakland Police officers in the background, about the shut down the event around 10pm.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: