8 Photos - Feb 6, 2013
Photo: This exhibit was displayed in the Google lobby in Mountain View, California on "The Making of Oakland in Popular Memory" featuring the artwork from the book http://thoughtpublishing.org/oakland-in-popular-memory/Photo: The exhibit ran from September 2012 through January 2013.Photo: Images used in the exhibit are at these urls: http://goo.gl/pxTSb, http://goo.gl/hZ28T, and http://goo.gl/xVsZ3Photo: Portraits of artists interviewed in Oakland in Popular Memory by Laura Tomlinson, http://savinggraces.deviantart.com/Photo: Photos in the book were by Joe Sciarrillo, who I also collaborated with for Bay Area Underground, http://thoughtpublishing.orgPhoto: Photo: Portrait of Dahlak Brathwaite http://dahlak.bandcamp.com/by Laura TomlinsonPhoto: