13 Photos - Nov 11, 2012
Photo: Photos by Joe Sciarrillo and Matt Werner for Bay Area Underground: http://thoughtpublishing.org/Photo: From the photobook Bay Area Underground - http://thoughtpublishing.org/ - San Francisco's Mission DistrictPhoto: Progress by Joe SciarrilloPhoto: Anne Frank graffiti at Endless Canvas warehouse show in Berkeley, Ca. Photo by Matt Werner. http://oaklandlocal.com/posts/2012/09/endless-canvas-opens-sistine-chapel-graffiti-art-community-voicesPhoto: Immigration protest in San Francisco by Joe SciarrilloPhoto: Scraper bikes in Oakland by Joe SciarrilloPhoto: Oscar Grant protest by Joe SciarrilloPhoto: Occupy Oakland at First Friday Art Murmur, Oakland. By Matt WernerPhoto: Tupac overlooking Occupy Oakland. By Joe SciarrilloPhoto: Occupy Oakland standoff by Joe SciarrilloPhoto: Occupy San Francisco march on Market Street by Joe SciarrilloPhoto: "Long Live the Oakland Commune" by Joe SciarrilloPhoto: Dancing at Endless Canvas gallery opening. Photo to appear in Bay Area Underground: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mattwerner/bay-area-underground-photobook-project