29 Photos - Jan 5, 2012
Photo: Mystery Quilt - Cynthia McGeePhoto: Mystery Quilt - Brenda Gauthier - from her stashPhoto: Mystery Quilt - Amelia Beadle (former member who now lives in Washington state)Photo: Mystery Quilt - Dannie White - from her stashPhoto: Mystery Quilt - Joyce PerryPhoto: Mystery Quilt - Elena AcostaPhoto: Mystery Quilt - Valerie BarthPhoto: Mystery Quilt - Alice FredlundPhoto: Mystery Quilt - Martha SpruellPhoto: 3rd place to Elena AcostaPhoto: 2nd place to Brenda GauthierPhoto: 1st place to Dannie WhitePhoto: Alice FredlundPhoto: Barbara HoffmanPhoto: Glenda Parks - vinyl pursePhoto: Glenda Parks - vinyl pursePhoto: Glenda ParksPhoto: Glenda ParksPhoto: Sherrie HerringshawPhoto: Sherrie Herringshaw - Slice and Dice 9 PatchPhoto: Charlene Harp - table runnerPhoto: Charlene HarpPhoto: Charlene HarpPhoto: Charlene HarpPhoto: Renee - 9 patch pizzazzPhoto: Renee - my dog ate my quilt so now it's a nametagPhoto: Renee - from her earth seriesPhoto: Joyce Perry - purse with embroideryPhoto: Sarah Leblanc - tortilla warmers