84 Photos - Jul 28, 2012
Photo: How many people can you stuff into a Tundra?  Actually, its 5:30 AM and these are the drivers back to town after the run!Photo: What on earth do you have on your head?Photo: Runners are starting to gather.Photo: Pre run group photo.  A colorful bunch.  (Better to see you with colors)Photo: ....and they're off...Photo: About a mile it, sun finally starting to rise, groups already formed.Photo: Steve showing the way.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Me bringing up the rear.Photo: This run is slightly uphill from start to finish.   Here they come.Photo: Photo: Steve and Rey still leading the group.   I wonder if they know the course?Photo: Amanda all smiles, smile Wayne!Photo: Rob and JohnnyPhoto: Johnny!  Notice the care gave him plenty of room!Photo: Steve, Leigh, Nikki and NikkiPhoto: Photo: Where is Rob going?  (look on the other side of the road)Photo: Photo: Photo: Leigh and SharonPhoto: Penny tops the hill as well.Photo: Amanda leading the boys.Photo: Steve is actually smiling?Photo: Photo: go get'em RobPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Hope having fun today, with Steve right behind her.Photo: Leigh and Sharon look cool on this hot day!Photo: Our 5 mile aid station.Photo: Photo: Today was Milton's 71st birthday.   Milton is in the middle holding the coffee cup.Photo: Photo: Photo: Ray and Steve starting on the second half of the run.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Sharon, Hope and Leigh all smilesPhoto: Photo: Photo: Are we there yet?Photo: What the?   Wayne walking?Photo: I bet Wayne says that he was waiting on Amanda!Photo: The Crooked Road represents Virginia Musical Heritage.  It starts in Rocky Mount Va and winds through the mountains of Southwest Virginia.Photo: Gloria getting ready to meet the runners as they finish.Photo: Here they come..Photo: Ray and Steve..Photo: Photo: Rob and AmandaPhoto: Wayne and Tommy...Photo: Photo: Leigh and Nikki and NikkiPhoto: Photo: Photo: Ricky...still carrying the GoProPhoto: After run ice pops were a big hit. (notice everyone in the shade)Photo: Photo: JohnnyPhoto: Photo: The heat has got to Johnny, he's kissing the sign.Photo: Kimya, the person behind today's pictures and also our roving water stop and swag wagon.Photo: Photo: Steve finishing and looking good.Photo: Photo: Photo: Amanda says "check it out I just ran my first Crooked Road 10 Miler"Photo: Today was also Penny's first.Photo: Leigh, Hope and Sharon finishing.Photo: Photo: Photo: Gotta touch the sign (aka MTC shirt run style)Photo: Photo: Photo: What's left of the group posed for a finish photo.