18 Photos - Dec 11, 2015
Photo: Moscow sunrise in December, 9:00amPhoto: Russian Deputy Health and Science Minister, Lyudmila Ogorodova, with PT, Alexander Baranov, and Leyla Namazova-Baranova, Co-Directors of the Moscow Child Health CenterPhoto: Russian/Ukraine ENIGMA PI meeting, MoscowPhoto: Lyubomir Aftanas, ENIGMA member from SiberiaPhoto: Fortov addresses Russian National Academy of SciencesPhoto: Vladimir Zelman, Vladimir Fortov (Pres. Russian Nat. Acad. Sci.), and P. ThompsonPhoto: Russian National Academy of SciencesPhoto: Paul Thompson's talk for Russian Nat. Acad. Sci./SkolTechPhoto: Kuleshov adddresses Russian National Academy of SciencesPhoto: Photo: Yuriy Selivertsov, ENIGMA member, Moscow Inst. of NeurologyPhoto: Entrance to Russian Nat Acad Sci PresidiumPhoto: Thompson, Zelman, SchumskyPhoto: Meeting the studentsPhoto: Rossiya News 24 TV interview of V. ZelmanPhoto: Scientific American journalists interview PT and VZPhoto: Scientific American journalist and PTPhoto: Zelman awards prizes to SkolTech students