31 Photos - Apr 15, 2014
Photo: Nun with an umbrellaPhoto: Old lady with her fat cigarettePhoto: Temple gamePhoto: Photo: The world's largest reclining BuddhaPhoto: HellPhoto: Unfinished statues in the BuddhaPhoto: This is how big it is!Photo: Photo: Huge sitting monk with the even bigger reclining Buddha in the backgroundPhoto: Monks lining the wayPhoto: Pagoda anniversaryPhoto: Waiting with offersPhoto: Photo: Strange sitting Buddha in KyaikmarawPhoto: Kyaikmaraw pagodaPhoto: Kyaikmaraw townPhoto: Our friend monkPhoto: Photo: Photo: Kha-Yon cavesPhoto: Nwa-La-Bo golden rocksPhoto: Nwa-La-Bo golden rocksPhoto: At Nwa-La-Bo golden rocksPhoto: Photo: Waiting for a truck to KyaiktiyoPhoto: Golden rock at Mt. KyaiktiyoPhoto: Men only at the golden rockPhoto: Golden rock at Mt. KyaiktiyoPhoto: Golden rock at Mt. KyaiktiyoPhoto: Rich pilgrims