19 Photos - Mar 20, 2013
Photo: Spanish menu screen for the Blu-Ray. In this gallery, I'll be showing the interesting differences in the Spanish version of Wreck-It Ralph. Disney tends to translate more than just spoken words...Photo: Game unplugged. Please help. Thank you. (Translating here, not looking up exact original wording)Photo: I can fix it!Photo: THIS HAS WORDS IN THE ENGLISH VERSION! There was so much to translate that sometimes they just removed the text. None of these signs had text in the Spanish version. Typically they do translate stuff like this, but I guess the picture conveyed the message well enough. Poor image quality because this scene was simulating a VHS recording.Photo: Danger! Nesquik-Sand (exact original wording, I checked)Photo: An instance of no change in the Spanish versionPhoto: They can change frosting in the Spanish version, too! The sound of the frosting played, but the nozzle just hovered around w/ the writing already finished. While the movement could have carried over, I'm guessing they just eliminated the drawing of the H for all foreign versions in case there's ANY change, like the Japanese version. Pop-up thing in the bottom left is from me pausing, it shows the chapter name.Photo: Warning about the Mentos stalactites above the diet cola hot springs.Photo: I would have expected the data nodes to be translated in the Spanish version, but apparently not.Photo: Sometimes they change the actual render, sometimes they use standard subtitles. Maybe the medal was just in too many scenes to change it every time it's shown.Photo: I think it was "for stinkbrain"("stinky brains" is actual translation of this) or "for stinkbutt". Forgot the actual English.Photo: Flip it over, it says "You're my hero"Photo: ...with NUTS!Photo: This.. this is what surprised me the most about the translation. As I mentioned, sometimes they just remove the words. However for the score board, they changed the LAYOUT! In the English version, they list them one per line with their names. In the Spanish version, and I'm sure ALL foreign versions, they changed it to this. Makes sense that they'd remove the names, since puns are pointless to translate, and Disney translates to a LOT of languages.Photo: Somebody got ice cream thrown on them(the pie car, appropriately enough), and the screen announced "A La Mode!!!". Spanish version just has no words.Photo: The rankings in the English version displayed them one per line with their names. Foreign versions: Not only did they change the layout completely, but they also animated the tiles differently from the English version to match the layout change. An English version can be seen at http://flyingpochama948.tumblr.com/post/43063145037/some-thingsPhoto: I'm gonna wreck it!Photo: Let's just use a subtitle this time.Photo: Title. With zombie.