26 Photos - Dec 4, 2012
Photo: December 1 - atop the Christmas treePhoto: December 2 - dumping out the holiday bake shop Lego setPhoto: December 3 - drinking maple syrupPhoto: December 4 - framing himself on the mantlePhoto: December 5 - stowing away in Kendall's lunch boxPhoto: December 6 - dangling from the ceiling fanPhoto: December 7 - turned Misty's car around backward in the garagePhoto: December 8 - reading the "Elf on the Shelf" book to a cast of toysPhoto: December 9 - having a snack of cookies and milkPhoto: December 10 - stuck while trying to make coffeePhoto: December 11 - created an elf zip-line system in the kitchenPhoto: Photo: December 13 - taking a bite out of Emily's lunchPhoto: December 14 - proposing to the Tooth FairyPhoto: December 15 - breaking off his engagement with the Tooth Fairy as a mysterious box arrivesPhoto: December 15 - Inside the box from Santa was a new girl elf! We named her Holly.Photo: December 16: Eddie and Holly share a dessert buffet.Photo: December 17: Toilet paper rolled around the Christmas treePhoto: December 17: Toilet paper leading from the bathroom wall, down the hall, into the living room, and around the Christmas treePhoto: December 18 - hiding under glasses in the cabinetPhoto: December 19 - Eddie and Holly colored the girl's noses with red marker while they slept.Photo: December 20 - drawing their portraits on the chalk boardPhoto: December 21 - hanging from the kitchen light and spelling with oyster crackersPhoto: December 22: Our elves left a pile of presents for the kids before our family Chritmas party. What was inside? Holly gave them all chocolate-filled candy canes. Eddie wrapped up a kitty litter scoop, a pair of safety goggles, a can of yams, a plastic brontosaurus figure, a pair of socks, a turkey baster, and a plunger.Photo: December 23: The elves turned all the living room furniture around (even Daisy's dog bed).Photo: December 24: Reading the story of the birth of Jesus in Luke, chapter 2 of the Bible.